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Choosing Unusual Pet Names - The Foolproof Method


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Naming a child after a well loved character from literature can sometimes backfire- not many children would willingly stick up their hand at roll call to claim the name Ulysses or Medusa.

This isn't a problem for your pet. In fact, using names from literature or mythology are great ways to find unusual and unique pet names.

You can enjoy the irony of calling your turtle after the speedy god Mercury.

You could easily christen a highly intelligent and stalwart dog Atticus after the lawyer with the same qualities in Harper Lee's classic To Kill a Mockingbird.

An apparently aloof and superior cat could be called Nero after the emperor of Rome who was reported to have played his violin while the great city burned.

Literature can be an excellent resource in finding unusual names. You may go after unusual names given to human characters like:

  • Uriah Heap or Spenlow from Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield

  • Boo Radley or Little Chuck Little from To Kill a Mockingbird Or it may be famous fictional animals you are looking for, like:
  • Aslan, the majestic lion from Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia.

  • Fiver or Hazel the adventurous bunnies from Richard Adam's Watership Down. If you have more than one pet, you may like to choose your names from one source. You would be hard pressed to exhaust TS Eliot's list of cats from Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats. There are around 35 names to choose from; all unusual and all well loved. How about:
  • The RumTum Tugger

  • Bustopher Jones

  • Grumbuskin

  • Jennyanydots

    Or stick with one author, like Jane Austen, and name your pets after her famous characters. A few years ago I met a gorgeous chocolate colored Labrador named Mr Darcy. Within minutes he was surrounded by a group of women, aged across 4 generations, all reminiscing about the dear pup's overly proud namesake. You may also consider:

  • Miss Lizzie

  • Knightly

  • Fitzwilliam

  • Lady Catherine

  • Fanny Price

    Think about how a name can be shortened for ease of affection or discipline. For example, I once had a favorite brown hen I named Lady Catherine de Bourgh after the character from Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice as she was bossy and very self important. If I caught her in my lettuce patch this could easily be shortened to a sharp “Cate!"

    Choose names with affection and good humor and both you and your pet will have many years of delight with them.

    Nerida Murray is the editor of the site that is all about your family and home life. Visit now to find more unusual pet names for your favorite little friend!

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