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Calming Eating Habits We Learn From Our Pets

Ellen R. Norman

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Watching my cat is calming and relaxing in itself. She usually has a preference of wet or dry food and her water.

Her own special area on the kitchen floor, with a plastic placemat.

My cat also has portion control because she eats what she wants and leaves the rest to dry out, or get stale. She takes her time to clean her dish. Then she will vocalize if she what's more, and she sits by her dish patiently, some times, more urgently other times.

She drinks from her water dish in a relaxed manner and without messes or spills.

After the cat has finished her eating, the relaxing continues.

Leisurely washing her face, paws and whiskers, perhaps her ears too in the process. Taking the ‘necessary time’ to get every whisker and corner clean. She seems to be quite methodical about this and remembers where she left off if distracted, (we humans have a problems with distractions).

By this time the cat is totally relaxed and ready for her cat nap.

To take these ideas into your life is not difficult at all.

Prepare you meal in advance, a bit of advance planning reduces stress of course. Even if you take your meal out of the freezer and into the microwave to cook it . You can do this with a calm focus. Remember to put the meal into a nice dish and for your sake sit the kitchen or dinning room table to eat. With the emphasis on sitting. Even plan on lighting a candle or two.

If you are aware of your weight and use potion control you will not feel guilty by rushing though your meal.

Again by rushing though your meal you are eating too quickly to adequately digest adding calories, stress and other toxins your system does not need.

Yes this takes a bit of control and planning but you are worth the extra effort. Your invested time is well spent as well. This is self-nurturing and good for you.

After your meal clear the dishes, put them in the dishwasher or hand wash them. A clean kitchen will greet you later and add to your calm.

Brushing your teeth and washing your hands may add to the relaxation and general self care. This will take practice, and a good habit in the long run. You will find that your food will digest better and your focus on celebrating your meal will uplift you as well. So you can continue with the rest of your evening in a calming and productive way.

Those of you who have a family to prepare meals for can share the responsibilities of preparation and you can teach by example with your calm tone that will set the environment around you.

You see our fine furry feline friend is loving you in her own way by showing you the basics of calm. Learning the feline finesse of eating can calm and relax your stressed inner beast.

Ellen R. Norman publishes e- books containing stress reducing, and teaches calming tecniques, suggestions and tips. Please sign up for free newsletters and special reports on her blog at,

Also for more comprehensive calming techniques and insights on how calm can be easy. Please go to


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