Get Educated Before Buying Your Pomeranian From A Dog Breeder

Lee Dobbins

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Buying a purebred dog is not something that should be taken lightly and not all breeders are equal. To make sure that you get a good quality dog that will be healthy and happy, you need to do some research and shop around.

The Pomeranian breed standard is to weight no more than seven pounds, but there are many Poms out there that weight 12 or even 20 pounds! While these may be great dogs and make good pets, they are not to the standard and you should not be paying the full price for a dog that will grow to this size. But how do you know how big a puppy will be?

One way to get a good feeling for how big your puppy might grow is to check out the parents. Are the parents tiny or large or just the right size? Than chances are your puppy will be the same size as the parents. If all the Pomeranians the breeder has are to breed standard and healthy, then this is a good sign that your puppy will be too. If the breeder will not show you the parents, then this is a red flag and you should keep looking for another breeder.

But how do you find a good Pomeranian Breeder?

One way to find a good Pomeranian breeder is to get in contact with people who already own a Pom. Maybe somebody you know already owns one? Find out as much information about the breed as you can. If you go to a pet store, talk with people. Pet owners love to talk about their pets. If you see a Pomeranian that is exactly what you want, find out what breeder he was purchased from and check them out for potential candidates.

When buying a dog, you need to be armed with all the information you can get. Research Pomeranians on the internet and in books. Know that it is important to become an educated consumer BEFORE you buy your dog from a breeder.

When you talk with breeders don’t be afraid to ask questions. Honest dog breeders will be more than happy to talk with you and answer every question. Note the condition of dog’s environment. Are the dogs pens clean? Are the puppies well cared for? Can you see the parents? What type of puppy food are they being feed? Have the puppies had their shots? Reputable breeders love their animals and go to great lengths to provide a proper “home like" environment. Puppies are products of their surroundings. A good, clean environment will surely be reflected in a dog's playfulness.

Stay away from breeders who are interested only in making money. They generally don't pay much attention to their dog’s emotional needs and health concerns. Also, they may in-breed their Pomeranians and this can trigger severe health issues. AVOID THESE BREEDERS! Reputable breeders will be more concerned about the welfare of the puppies then the money and will probably grill you as to your home environment and ability to care for the dog.

Some breeders may offer a 72 hour guarantee. This allows time to take your Pomeranian puppy to a vet for inspection. If any health issues are identified, contact the breeder and get your questions answered.

Good, honest Pomeranian breeders care for their dogs and it shows in their surroundings. There are no guarantees that you will always have a normal, perfect puppy, but you greatly increase the odds when you do your homework first!

Lee Dobbins is a Pomeranian lover and webmaster of Pomeranian Pages . Visit them to find out all about Pomeranians and get tips on Pomeranian breeders .


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