The Most Important Steps for Finding a Dog Breeder


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Generally people are very keen on animals, dogs especially, wanting to have one in their apartments or houses. The dog breeders are the persons you can contact whenever you want to take a pure breed dog. Yet, the problem of the dog breeders's reputation arises and you need to be sure that this person is indeed looking after his animals that they are healthy and so an. It is easy to check the advertisements in your local newspaper but it would be advisable to make sure that the dog breeder you have chosen is reputable. The purpose of this article is to suggest some ways by which you can find out whether that particular person is responsible and trustworthy or not.

Try to reach his references

Generally, responsible and professional dog breeder are very careful with their references: if this can be extended, any person characterized be professionally should be interested in that. The good dog breeder will provide you some information regarding his past ‘collaborations’ and will give you the telephone number or any other contact mean by which you can observe his success. You can always contact a dog breeder who has helped some of your friends because you can be told by them exactly how responsible that person was.

You will be asked several questions

A good dog breeder is likely to be fond of many of his animals and might ask you more questions than you will. They want to make sure that the animals are placed in a correct environment with the correct people because this is very important. They will need details of your life and finances: whether you have children or not, the size of your house and garden and other questions to make sure the dog is sent to the right place, with the right family. If your dog breeder doesn't ask all these questions, is definitely interested in your money and might not have looked after the dog properly.

Risks and guarantees

A professional dog breeder will have had all the dogs and puppies passed through medical analysis before selling them. Yet, there are some problems which can be seen after several moths or maybe years. For instance the golden retrievers may have this problem called dysphasia, a genetics flaw in the animals’ hip joints, which cannot be seen until the animal is several months old. In this case, a good dog breeder should have no problem in giving your money back despite any unfortunate situation. These genetic problems can be avoided by means of selective breeding, yet many puppies have it as consequence of an hereditary genetic disorder, while some of them gain it not as an hereditary effect.

Other ways of reaching a dog breeder

The Internet and local newspapers are only some of the places where you can find a dog breeder. You can also try the veterinary offices and pet shops as well as dog exhibitions. The last mean is indeed trustworthy as the dog breeder is giving off his success and love for his dogs as well as the performance he has reached.

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