Delight Your Dog With a Natural Dog Treat

Blake Kritzberg

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As dog owners become more aware of their pet's nutritional needs, they increasingly recognize the advantage of providing their pets with natural dog treats.

Natural dog treats contain no added chemical preservatives or fillers, leaving your dog with straight nutritional value, nothing more. Natural treats also use the highest grade of edible products and processing techniques to ensure they’re even fit for human consumption – which who knows, might help if you ever get stuck in a survival situation with your dog! Let's examine a few commercially-available natural dog treats, and then a few treats you might stumble across in your own back yard.

Commercial Natural Dog Treats

As odd as they sound on first blush, pig ears are a natural favorite for many of our furry friends. They contain a reasonable amount of fat, and dogs find the flavor irresistible (much like some humans and pork rinds). Pig ear treats should be baked instead of chemically processed, and should have no added preservatives or coloring agents. Check your package label carefully.

Greenies are another favorite dog treat - a unique variety that uses chlorophyll to naturally freshen your dog's breath. Greenies contain no preservatives, artificial flavors or extra coloring. Surprisingly enough, dogs love them, and owners swear by them when it comes to sweetening the breath in a safe and healthy way. Chewing these treats has the added benefit of helping to clean your dog's teeth.

Mother Nature's Own Natural Dog Treats

You might be surprised to realize that natural dog treats exist right in your refrigerator, or in your garden. Carrots, apple slices, and celery are all terrific natural dog treats, providing vitamins without added chemical enhancers. Just give these treats a wash before giving them to your dogs. For an extra-special treat, chop up your fruits or veggies, and mix with a dab of peanut butter and a teaspoon or two of raw oatmeal.

Whether commercially manufactured or straight from the garden, natural dog treats are a great way to give your dogs a dash of extra nutrition without any mysterious extras.

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