First Tips For Rabbit Owners


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These tips are taken from PsyTech Inc. book Rabbit Care Secrets

This is absolutely critical information you need whether you already own a rabbit or you are just thinking about getting one:

Avoid pine scented beddings (the kind you're most likely to buy at the pet store) like the plague! (Many studies show that they cause liver damage in small animals - and there's mounting evidence that they may irritate your bunny's respiratory system too). Opt for brands made with unscented wood shavings or compressed newspaper instead.

Cell Sorb, Care Fresh, and “Yesterday's News" are all great brands. (we're trying to set up a special discount for our readers. . . we'll let you know if we're able to do it).

Of course bunny rabbits love carrots, but you have to watch the quantity closely because there's actually a lot of sugar in them. (Same with banannas and grapes, etc).

It's OK to give small pieces a few times a week. . . but it's dangerous to do much more.

If a bunny gets too heavy, their internal organs don't function very well.

Before you buy a bunny rabbit from a pet store, please consider the frequent problems encountered including (1) unknowingly purchasing a pregnant bunny and winding up with too many rabbits to care for; (2) the high incidence of illness; (3) the frequency with which pet stores misidentify your pet's gender (especially important if you buy 2 or more rabbits because not every gender pair gets along well).

Consider looking for a rescue (search Google for “rabbit rescue") instead. (Over a million bunnies in rescues around the world are put to sleep each year because they can't find a home - wouldn't it feel good to save a life?)

Avoid wire mesh cage bottoms. They're easier to clean, sure but they cause sores on your pet's tender little feet. Opt for plastic bottoms instead! (Or even better, give your bunnies an entire rabbit-proofed room or two)

If you do purchase from a pet store, read about the proper diet and care for rabbits first. Generally a sales associate at the pet store is going to steer you toward buying products, rather than what is necessary and proper for your bunny to live a happy, healthy life. (Of course, there ARE some very ethical pet stores - but they're harder to find)

Rabbit Care Secrets You can get the book here: is the book with literally hundreds of “word of mouth" tips and tricks - secrets which are next to impossible to find in books and pet stores. This is the gold which only comes from years and years of hands on experience. . .including all the hard to find Rabbit information people just can't locate with internet searches or trips to the library!


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