Getting a Rabbit for a Kid?


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Here are a few very important facts about bunnies and children.

Rabbits can be a wonderful pet for your child and add value to his or her life, but only under the following circumstances:

* You are prepared to take the time and have the patience to teach your child how to properly treat and care for a bunny.

* You are willing to educate yourself and your child on the delights of having a house rabbit, so you can give your bunny the best life possible.

* You are willing to take care of the bunny if your child tires of her (or when your child goes away to college).

* You, as a parent, are willing to assume the responsibility of rabbit caregiver. (Of course you will assign some responsibilities to your child, and this will be a valuable growth experience, but don't fall into the trap of expecting your child to be able to regularly provide for the bunny's needs. It's great if they can but most don't!).

* You and the other adults in your household are excited to invite a bunny into your lives.

* You know that while bunnies are very lovable and kissable pets, contrary to popular belief, except for a special few, most bunnies don't like to be picked up or held. (This is because they are prey animals)

I've seen a lot of wonderful things happen in families with bunnies when the parents are prepared as above - and I've also seen a lot of dissappointments too.

So please take the time to consider your decision.

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