Cats And Dogs It's All The Same - Or Is It?


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People often define themselves as either a cat owner or a dog owner, but the question remains can a cat lover ever love dogs? Or, dog lovers ever love cats? It takes a lot for a person to change even in the simplest of ways. This seems to be one of the many difficult ways because of the huge investment people put into their pets.

The Dog Owner

The dog owner often loves their dog for many reasons. Dogs are playful and attentive to their owners. They love to spend their time hiding under their owner’s chair or chasing their tail. It just seems as if they are fun loving creatures. Sure, they bark and they can be very annoying when they want your attention even when you are busy. But, they won’t fail to greet you when you come home and you are where their loyalty lies no matter what.

The Cat Owner

On the other side of the coin, we have the cat owner. Cats are more independent and more self centered. But, they can provide much affection to their owners nonetheless. They can be playful when they want to be. They can also be full of personality, good or bad. Cat lovers love this about their animals. They are themselves. Of course, they can be rather snooty to some. They are independent and they certainly won’t greet you unless it is in their best interest to do so.

The Conclusion

While it seems that many people have an overall preference for one type of animal to the next, there is nothing to say that they can not switch from being a dog owner to being a cat owner. But, it is unlikely that they will receive the same attention from their pet as they did with the other species. Dog lovers will forever value their best friend while those who adore cats will always value their cat’s personality.

If you love either animal and are thinking of venturing to the other side, consider the various differences in these animals before you do. You’ll find that many times, it is the qualities that the pet offers that makes them the right, the best fit in your family.

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Dogs, Cats, Horses...We Love Them All!
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