Should You Get A Small Dog For Your Child?

Lee Dobbins

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Every little boy or girl needs a dog for a companion, right? While that may be true and they joy of having a pet is something every child should experience, you need to carefully consider if adopting a small dog is right for your family.

One thing to think about is the extra demands on your time that a small dog will require. Whether you are thinking about a Pug, Pomeranian or Poodle, these little dogs require care and if you are considering a puppy, it could be like having another baby!

Dogs are a big responsibility and if you have not been solely responsible for a dog previously you may find the work and time involved in training, feeding, grooming and playing to be more than you can handle while caring for a young baby or toddler.

If your children are toddlers, you need to be very organized and have the day planned out so that the child and dog are not left alone together. Young children do not understand that a pet is a fragile living thing - too much rough play and your little dog could become hurt or may have to resort to hurting your child to defend itself.

If you are deciding to get a dog because you feel it is a normal part of family life and you want to ‘complete’ the package while your child is young, do not rush into purchasing a dog right away. For the various reasons above, a dog should be considered a major decision and waiting one year or more may be best for your situation.

With young children an older dog might be a better choice as you will not have to deal with housebreaking and training, but keep in mind that a small dog, no matter how old is still going to be a bit more fragile than a bigger dog.

Now that’s not to discourage you from getting a pet for your young children as they will certainly love it and develop a strong bond. It is a good experience for any child, but you must take the added work and expense into consideration. Don’t forget to consider Vet fees, adoption or purchase costs, licensing, food and grooming. Doing your homework now will avoid unpleasant disappointment in the future.

If you have tons of time and energy and your life is free enough of distractions then bringing a small dog into your home can be a fun time. Just be sure to be diligent in watching both the puppy and children until training has been established and be sure to remind the children how to treat the dog gently and carefully so that no accidents happen.

Once you consider all the aspects and make your decision to adopt a small dog, you can be confident that you will be able to relax and experience all the wonders of dog ownership with your children.

Lee Dobbins is an avid dog lover and writes for many dog related web sites including The Pomeranian Pages , The Pug Pages and The Poodle Pages .


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