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How to Get Rid of Fleas and Keep Them Away

Saman Rashid

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Fleas thrive on the blood of your furry pets. It is hard to sometimes see and find the fleas on your pet because they can bury themselves in the fur and make themselves hidden. Besides the annoyance of fleas, they also can be very dangerous to your pet. They can cause your pet a lot of blood loss and make them prone to diseases.

If you suspect fleas are living in the fur of your pet, you need to do a thorough examination and get rid of them. Combing your pet every day with a flea comb is a great habit to get into. By putting a little bit of Vaseline on the comb, the fleas will get stuck in the jelly and you will be able to groom your pet and remove the fleas all at the same time.

There are certain areas to pay special attention to including behind the ears, between the toes, armpits and under the neck. These are popular places for fleas to take up residence on your pet. You will be able to see how many fleas are coming off of your pet when you are coming by laying a light colored cloth or towel underneath the area when you are combing. Because they are dark and small, it can be otherwise hard to detect them in the carpet.

Once the fleas are removed, douse them with alcohol and then put them in a cup of water to expire. Dump the water and fleas down the toilet to prohibit them from making their way back out. Shampooing your pet should kill the fleas, but if your pet is infested with them, it will require special flea shampoo, which can be toxic if used to often, and if you suspect your pet is truly infested make sure you take them to the veterinarian for treatment.

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How to Treat Cat Fleas
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