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I really love my dogs. We have three of them on five acres. Two of them are Golden Retrievers, and one is a Chocolate Lab. It’s great to come home after a bad day and find them ready to play. They do not care about money, weather or personal problems. They just are glad to see you.

But I really need some advise about their little problem. Yes, I am going to address it, “GAS Problems”. I always seems to be at the time we have company, or when we are trying to eat dinner. We wish we could blame it on each other, but nobody can create a vapor like that. I swear they are killing our plants. Now I know why our company always what to visit on the outside porch.

And of course, they get to sleep in our bedroom, and sometimes I walk in that room and I am pretty sure a cow died in there. It’s pretty hard to sleep with a pillow over your head hoping it filters the dangerous cloud. Sometimes I think the dogs are having a competition. Yet, I still love those tooting varmints.

I keep looking at the store for some magic dog food, or treat that make them smell like roses, but no one seems to have the cure. Bet someone could make some great money with a dog product called “Fluffs So Sweet”. That would make our house smell like a candle shop.

Anyway, I am still thankful for our loyal pups, and the friendship they share with us, but they truly test our loyalty to them.

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