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Everyday more and more money is being spent on pets including the Shih Tzu. The professional Shih Tzu groomer is a rather unique entry in the professional world. Outside the family and the Shih Tzu’s vet, the professional Shih Tzu groomer is the one person closest to the Shih Tzu or Shih Tzu puppy.

If you plan to use a professional Shih Tzu groomer, the groomer will see your Shih Tzu regularly either monthly or bi-monthly. A knowledgeable professional Shih Tzu groomer will be able to supply you with advice on matters of health, breeding, boarding and various Shih Tzu products. The extent to which the professional Shih Tzu groomer fills these roles affects the relationship between the groomer and Shih Tzu owner. A close bond between the family and the professional Shih Tzu groomer is desirable.

The Shih Tzu Grooming Shop:
Many professional Shih Tzu groomers start out in their basements or spare room in their house and then graduate to their own shop on Main streets in towns throughout the country. Although a Shih Tzu groomer should have knowledge of how to groom all breeds of dogs, specializing in the Shih Tzu breed can be a unique opportunity for those who love the Shih Tzu exclusively. The Shih Tzu breed is one of the top 10 favorite family pets. Their popularity continues to grow, therefore, to specialize in Shih Tzu grooming would definitely be a professional groomer’s own unique niche.

Quality training:
Be sure to seek out the best instruction available. This instruction should come from licensed, qualified instructors in state-approved locations with adequate space and facilities. Proper training is the most important part of your investment. Without proper training, there is no business. Good dog grooming instruction means training in grooming all breeds with access to dogs of as many breeds as possible. Specializing in Shih Tzu grooming can come later. The school’s reputation is most significant. Check with your State Education Department, the Better Business Bureau and other consumer agencies to determine the reputation of the schools you choose. Make a personal visit to the school.

Shih Tzu Grooming Shop Site:
Once you are fully trained and/or you have built up a customer base while working out of your home you begin to consider setting up a shop. Go where the action is. Shih Tzu pet owners will like locations in a good part of town, one with good parking. If funds allow, a busy shopping mall would be an excellent location for a Shih Tzu Grooming Salon.

An important factor to consider when deciding on a location for your Shih Tzu grooming shop is the element of competition. Is there already a grooming shop in your chosen location? And how long has the shop been in business? If the grooming shop has been in business for quite some time, you may want to choose another location.

Most state laws are loose about zoning requirements for dog grooming shops and so would be the same case for a Shih Tzu grooming shop. Usually a commercial area or on a main street there are no problems with zoning. If you begin your grooming at home, you may have to cope with complaining neighbors if the traffic begins to become congested in the neighborhood, etc. You will need to check your local zoning laws in a case such as this.

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