Fewer Dog Treats Make a Sweeter Pet


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One common mistake made by a lot of pet owners is pampering your dog too much! Many people, when they hear their dog bark, either cuddle it, pat it, or feed it some type of dog treat. Although dog treats are popular, in a short time you will wind up with a dog that will whine, bark, or demand attention unnecessarily. This type of behavior teaches your pet to make a lot of noise whenever it wants attention. Henceforth, what your dog does all the time is bark! This is negative behavior modification and should be refrained from as much as possible to avoid spoiling your pet. After all, that is how your dog is trained, so reward the good habits only, never the bad ones.

Remember to keep the dog treats in the cupboard for a while, and even though it is hard to ignore a barking dog, it will pay its dividends later on. This is especially hard to do if most of the barking occurs outside and your dog is bothering the neighbors. You are best off to contact your neighbors and advise them that you're involved in the training process of putting an end to the excessive noise and just ask their indulgence. Most people understand and you will have better neighbor relations as a result.

Here are a few tips to help you with incessant barking. Resist the urge to open your door to yell at your pet when he's barking or give him some type of dog treat. The next time the barking starts, wait a minute until he stops and is quiet for a minute or two, then open the door before he starts barking again and praise him for being quiet. As soon as the dog starts to bark again, walk away and ignore him, and eventually he will realize that he only gets your attention when he is not barking instead of barking. Try and refrain from too many dog treats as your dog will expect to be rewarded with this type of treatment all the time. Remember that overnight success is not possible and that it will take you time to train your dog to stop barking. If your dog craves your attention all the time, it is important for you to reevaluate just how much attention he gets during the day. Maybe you just need to spend more time with him, giving more exercise and more love. This is something you and your dog will both be equally rewarded for.

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