Does Discount Pet Supply Offer "Tree" Training?


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Are you one of those dog owners that takes long walks with your dog? Have you found that as long as you continue moving, your dog seems fairly content, but if you stop for a moment you have a struggle to get him going again? This can be the most frustrating process when it comes to teaching your dog how to “walk” properly. Remember that having the proper equipment is the first step. Retractable leashes are fine on large dogs or smaller dogs as far as controlling potential rope tangles, but offer no control in restraining your pet. If you have a big dog, a lot of leverage on the leash is in the dog's favor which makes it very frustrating and defeats the purpose. For that matter then, a good long rope works just as well. You can purchase either at an online pet supply shop or department store.

Another device used is a body harness. While it is great for securing your dog to an inanimate object you will be in for a bit of a surprise when it comes to walking your dog. The body harness, which is available at any online pet supply store, is ineffective as a training tool. It is actually designed to maximize your dog’s pulling power when hauling a load behind him, not to minimize his power so you can control how you would like your dog to behave.

A standard, nylon dog collar and a six-foot leash is all you need when it comes to making a training exercise simpler. You will find plenty at an online pet supply store. One excellent method for leash training is called the “tree” method. All you have to do is become an immovable object until your dog ceases to balk at the leash and will allow a slack to develop. Consider the following scenario. Stand in place and allow the dog to decide which direction it would like to go. While standing still, allow the dog to pull, but neither correct nor enforce your dog's actions. When you find that a looseness is evident in the leash, move in the direction your dog wants to go, enforcing the slackness of the leash and praising your dog loudly. Remember to stop short as soon as your dog starts to pull on the leash again. Doing this daily will train your dog to be your best walking partner ever!

By Terry Price- Remember to visit for a great resource on dog leashes and for all of your online pet supply needs.


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