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Giving a Pet As a Gift

Victor Epand

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A pet can be a wonderful addition to a family. It can brighten up the lives of the children and parents and bring joy into the household.

Obviously, for these reasons, giving a pet as a Christmas or birthday gift is a very popular practice. It is sure to be a gift that will be an initial hit with the recipient. However, there is more to giving a pet as a gift. There are a few points to consider before you even pick out the cute kitty or puppy.

1. Buying for a child:

When you buy a pet for a child, the novelty of it will eventually wear off. The child will play with the pet for a few days, but when the responsibility of taking care of the pet begins, which includes feeding it, cleaning up after it and grooming, it will be viewed as a burden by the child, not a gift.

If you are not the child's parents, make sure the parents know of the plan to give the child a pet. They may not be happy with a pet in their house and you could be dropping more bills and stress on them with such a gift.

Even if you ask a child if they want the pet, they will promise the world to get it, not thinking about the ramifications and responsibilities of having one. If you buy them a pet, then the responsibility rests with you to make sure the child takes care of it. If they decide to get rid of it, then you assume the pet and the responsibility that comes with it.

2. Buying for a friend or relative:

Before you go out and buy that pet for a friend or relative, ask yourself if they really want to have one. Just because they say they like dogs, does not mean they want to take care of one.

Can they afford to have a pet? With all the vet bills and food required, will it be too much expense for them. If they are on a limited budget, then you just added a whole bunch of stress to their lives.

Other questions to ask yourself before giving them the pet is, does their lifestyle suit a pet or do they travel too much? Are they willing to take care of a pet for the next 10 to 20 years? Do they live in an apartment? Those who do may not be allowed to have pets.

3. Never purchase a pet as a surprise:

The absolute worst thing you can do is to surprise someone with a pet. You are more or less saying, here you go. Something for you to feed and take care of for the next decade. No one wants that.

Always ask first, not only to save yourself embarrassment but to keep that pet, who has done nothing wrong, from winding up in an animal shelter.

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