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Funny People and Their Funny Pets

Carolyn Roome

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Funny people and their funny pets: My neighbor has a beautiful older dog named Bear. He is a black lab mix and is very mellow. The confusion began one afternoon, actually closer to noon, when my husband was looking out the door and seen a 450 lb.bear sitting next to the trash bin we have. The next thing you know Bear (the dog) started charging after the bear. June (the neighbor) started yelling, bear, bear, bear. The next thing you know my husband was yelling, Bear get in here. Now what do you get out of this? Which one is the bear and which one is being called. We got Bear (the dog ) in the living room and my husband went out and scared the bear away. What is really funny was, I have a little 4 lb. Yorkie named Katie (do not laugh) her name sake is my daughter-in-law. I was trying to find her, pick her up so she would not go outside and get eaten, also trying to find my camera, so I could take a picture of the bear. Well needless to say, I did not get the picture. But it still is very fresh in my mind. LOL.

Again we spotted the bear while I was making desert one evening. Again it was in the trash bin making noise. I told my husband and again picked up Katie and tried taking a picture of the bear through my kitchen window. It did not work, still no picture of the bear! Again my husband shooed off the bear. We will try again if he comes back.

Next story is a girlfriend of mine from many years ago had a beautiful Golden Retriever named Doobie (after the Doobie Brothers Band). We were in Vail Colorado in the middle of town yelling Doobie. My girlfriend, her dog had wondered away and we were looking for her. We noticed people handing us these strange little cigarettes and smiling when they gave them to us. We were quite puzzled and kept calling and looking for Doobie. Now this was back in the early 70s and during the hippy days. That was my first experience with Doobie the dog.

My ex had a dog named Groovy Grover, he was a Springer Spaniel. To me one of the dumbest, hyper, dogs I have ever seen. Now Groovy had a bad habit of eating everything in sight and I mean everything. My son had done a 15 page report for school and was really proud of it. He had worked very hard and very long to make this his best report ever. He even put it in a clear folder for a presentation look. He placed it next to his books and backpack, on the dining room table and went to bed. The next morning I woke my son and we both went into the dining room so he could eat breakfast and get ready for school. When we got to the door we both stood there in amazement, our jaw dropped and we looked at each other. There was Groovy on top of the dining room table with a big smile. He had eaten the report and had gone poop all over his books. My Son went to school and he told them what happened. They did not believe him, so he called me and asked me to bring Groovy and myself up to the school so he could prove that the dog really did eat the report and also so he could prove the dumb dog did poop on his books. I took Groovy and went to the school; we went to the main office where my son, the principal and a few teachers were. My son then told them what punishments they want to give him can be given to the dog. They sat puzzled and I explained our plight with the dumb dog and what my son explained was true. They laughed and said they had heard stories like this but never really had anybody prove it to them. My son received an A for his report (verbal and in the principals office) and the books were replaced. You noticed I said my ex, they have both traveled on and everything has been very quite since then. Sigh!

Carolyn Roome
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