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Having A Pet Rabbit - Fun Along With Responsibility

Victor Epand

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Rabbits are very cute and cuddly and many have the idea that it is very easy to have them as pets. Children love to play with rabbits and as they are soft and cuddly, children like to catch them or hold them. Before deciding to have a rabbit as a pet, you need to learn some points so that you find it easy to maintain them. The first thing that is important is to note that they bite and they don't like to be held or picked up when they are roaming about. So it will be a dangerous thing if you have a small child at home and if the rabbit is caught against their will, they may bite. You cannot train them not to bite in such cases.

Rabbits look very cute and it seems that they are the simplest of pets, as they just have to be caged. But the fact is that they have to be cared for a lot. They need to be taken out of the cage daily and they need to be exercised to keep them healthy. You will have to keep an area especially for them so that they exercise there daily and it should not have any harmful things. You should also keep away important things so that the rabbit doesn't bite and destroy them. Those who have studied about the behavior of the rabbits, are of the opinion that it will also get depressed if it does not get the human touch on regular basis. So you or your child will have to spare some time exclusively for the rabbit and play with it.

It depends upon the breed that how often you have to brush the rabbit because they have a tendency to swallow their own fur, which might lead to intestinal problem or even breathing problems in the rabbit. The rabbit's cage also needs to be cleaned either every day or alternate days. If taken care properly rabbits can live up to 10 years or even more sometimes. Buying a rabbit for a pet is a costly and time taking job. You will have to look after and take care of the rabbit and its habits so that they are maintained in a good health and in hygienic way. You have to take care of the type of food and the nutrition that is important for the rabbit too.

Rabbits are quite destructive sometimes and messy too, because basically it is mischievous. They cannot be trained, not to destroy anything so you will have to keep things away from their reach otherwise rabbits can go to the extent of chewing a shoe, cord or anything that they like. Also you will have to groom your rabbit regularly. Even then you should be prepared to clean up the fur, as they shred them here and there. There is one important point to be noted that most rabbits die of heart attack and they fear children a lot. So by keeping all the things in mind you can have a pet rabbit for your home.

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