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How Dogs Get Roundworms


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If you have a dog, one thing you need to be conscious of are roundworms. Of course you may be wondering what roundworms are and why they can be such a negative thing for your dog. Basically, roundworms are tiny worms that have a body that is rounded. Normally, they are measure between 3-5 inches in length and they reside in the intestines of a dog, consuming food that has been partially processed. While they don't stick to the intestine, they do swim around in the food and the eggs are passed into the stool of the dog.

Causes of Roundworms

There are a couple of different factors that can lead to a dog getting roundworms. First of all, puppies who have mothers with roundworms can get roundworms from their mother. Even if the mother didn't even test positive for the worms, if they have ever had them they can still pass them on to their puppies. They can also be passed to puppies through the milk of their mother too.

Any dog can get infected with roundworms if they happen to ingested any roundworm eggs. Once they eat the eggs, the worms hatch in their bodies and ultimately make their way to the intestines of the dog. There are other animals that can have these roundworms and pass them on to dogs, including cockroaches, rodents, chickens and earthworms.

Treating Roundworms

Thankfully, it is relatively simple to cure. There are a couple of great drugs that are available that can be used to help eradicate the roundworms, and they are usually effective and safe for your dog. Most of the drugs work by crippling the worms so they can be passed out of the dog in their stool. Most of the time, it will take at least two or three treatments to totally get rid of the roundworms and it is recommended to conduct these treatments with a few weeks in between them. However, you need to take note that these treatments are not going to eradicate any of the eggs or any immature forms of roundworms either.

Preventing Roundworms

While treating roundworms is possible, it is recommended to prevent your dog from getting roundworms. Your dog can avoid getting roundworms by following these tips:

- Confirm that mothers are dewormed later in their pregnancy so that the worms are not passed on to their puppies.

- When your puppies are 2-3 weeks old you should deworm them, and from then on they should be dewormed on a regular basis.

- Anytime that you discover any type of worm problem, be sure that you immediately treat the problem.

- Always get rid of any dog poop, whether they are in your yard, at a park, or in a playground, to prevent roundworms from transferring from one dog to another.

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