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Treating Vomiting and Diarrhea in Pets


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Treating the 2nd most common pet health conditions safely, naturally and effectively at home: Vomiting and Diarrhea.

If your pet feels really bad, having vomiting and diarrhea, this is something you want to STOP now! Here are some home remedies you can try in order to stop these problems.

For Vomiting:

FASTING TIME. A 24 hour fast is the most important thing you can do to allow your pet's inflamed stomach to heal. Allow access to controlled amounts of water, but no food. After 24 hours offer bland food such as plain cooked white rice; give equivalent amounts of rice as you do dog or cat food. After 48 hours mix their regular food with rice and don't fully go to regular food until after 72 hours.

A CUP OF TEA. Peppermint Tea is an old remedy used for upset stomachs in people. Brew up a strong cup of tea, but allow it to cool before offering it.

HOMEOPATHIC. Nux vomica is an effective homeopathic remedy for vomiting for pets.

For Diarrhea:

FIRM IT WITH FIBER. Dietary fiber absorbs water in the intestine, which helps to decrease diarrhea. Ground flax is a great source for dogs (1tsp/cup of dog food). Canned pumpkin is a great source for your cat (1tsp/day).

PROBIOTICS. Restore the natural bacteria in the intestine, to help the intestinal immune system. The most effective supplement is Lactobacillus acidophilus.

HUMAN REMEDIES. Pepto Bismol is an old standby that can be effective for dogs. Immodium (Loperamide) is the only safe over-the-counter anti-diarrhea drug for cats.

In the vet world, “garbage gut" is a BIG PROBLEM. Treating early often means preventing these BIG problems from becoming a serious one.

It's Your Pet- Heal Them At Home!

Written by Troy Foote. Pet advocate and owner of Pamper Pet Care Your online resource for pet health care and nutrition.


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Pet Meds - What You Should Do When Your Cat is Vomiting and Stuck in a Tree
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