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How To Heat My Aquarium


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Congratulations on the purchase of your new aquarium! If this is your first time to pursue this highly enjoyable activity you are in for a treat. You will soon discover for yourself what many hundreds of thousand of people the whole world over know already; that aquarium ownership is one of the most rewarding hobbies that you can take up.

Aquarium care and maintenance is hardly rocket science; even children of a very young age have been known to take care of fish and various other marine life in their very own home aquarium systems…and not just the simple “goldfish in a bowl” ones either; some of the aquariums that young children maintain display a sheer breathtaking beauty that belies their owner’s young age. Of course it stands to reason that the more complex and intricate aquarium displays will require considerably more planning, forethought and care and as such is better left in the hands of experts with long years of experience. The fact remains however that aquariums vary widely according to extent of complexity and almost anyone should have no trouble deciding just how detailed they want to make their own creations.

Whether you choose to go with a fresh water aquarium or a salt-water aquarium (and the choice is really only a matter of your own personal preferences as there are a great many wonderful examples of each kind), there will be various aspects to consider that deal directly with the care and maintenance of this underwater environment. You will of course want your fish and assorted water borne creatures to live to their fullest life expectancy and provide you with months and even hopefully years of relaxing and nerve calming viewing pleasure. As such, it would be in yours’ as well as your pets’ best interests to figure out exactly what steps you need to take in order to ensure their continued good health and well being.

It is already well known by many aquarium owners that fish are somewhat particular when it comes to the temperature of their water environment and consequently various means have been devised over the years that will help aquarium owners maintain correct aquarium temperatures. While extreme temperature ranges will not likely result in the death of your fish (they are after all surprisingly resilient creatures), it may be a significant factor in their growth and development as well as impact upon their general health condition.

The Tetra 100 Watt Heater is one device that you can use in the task of keeping sure that your fish enjoy the ideal temperature that they need to be happy and healthy. A heater that is designed for ten and twenty gallons water aquariums, the Tetra Heater is more than adequate for all but the most sizable aquariums. The temperature can be pre-set ahead of time, which negates the need for constant temperature adjustment; a boon for people who are always on the move. An advanced electronic thermostat will ensure that your pets get the temperature that they need, nothing more and nothing less.

The Tetra 100 Watt Heater is one device that you can use in the task of keeping sure that your fish enjoy the ideal temperature that they need to be happy and healthy. For more aquarium reviews, and aquarium articles , please visit


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