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Pet Food Recall - Discover the 4 Healthy Food Secrets That Will Extend the Life of Your Dog or Cat


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Like millions of other dog owners, the pet food recall has been a wake-up call about the safety of commercial dog and cat food. If you check the label on your current pet food, you will see that the list of ingredients may be misleading and could be the cause of many disorders in your pet such as kidney failure, joint problems, pain and disease.

What exactly is the cause of the pet food recall?

It has been discovered that the hazardous chemical melamine has been detected in the rice protein and the wheat gluten ingredients. This chemical which is used to make plastic and fertilizer has been found in both the dry-bagged food and the moist or wet food.

Some of the warning signs to look for in your pet are:

- Vomiting
- Increased urination
- Increased water intake
- Loss of appetite
- Lethargy or sluggishness

The consequences have been devastating! It is believed that thousands of dogs and cats have developed kidney dysfunction or died after eating the contaminated pet food. This serious dilemma has been extremely aggravating and scary for veterinarians and pet lovers nationwide.

Are you ready to learn the shocking truth about the ingredients in your dog or cat food?

A recent investigative study has found that the “meat byproducts” components in pet food are euthanized dogs and cats and zoo animals. That’s right, your pets could be cannibals. The reason why this is allowed is because these dead and diseased animals are considered “protein” by pet food regulators and it is legal. Also, included within the processing are the flea collars and ID tags of these dead animals.

The story gets more disgusting.

The ingredient “meat meal” can contain the boiled flesh of road kill, swamp rats and disabled and dying livestock. In addition, there are chemical ingredients in these pet food recall brands that can dry up the digestive tract of your loving dog or cat. One such chemical is called sodium pentobarbital. This is used to put these animals to sleep. During the cooking process, this chemical survives the intense heat and grinding. In short, the poison designed to kill pets is the same one being fed to them.

Therefore if you feed your dog or cat commercial pet food, you are slowly killing them and cutting the life of your pet short.

Steps to take to safely feed your pet and double its life span.

The proper nutrition for your dog or cat’s bone and muscle growth is perhaps the most important aspect of your pet’s life. Because of the pet food recall scare, millions of dog owners have stopped using commercial dog food and are preparing easy well-balanced dog food recipes. A great source to build a collection of pet recipes is the #1 selling dog food and nutrition book online called ‘Dog Food Secrets’.

The following are 4 healthy pet food secrets that are essential for their well being:

1. Fats are necessary for good health and disease prevention. These nutrients should be raw or unrefined—not processed. Beef, fish, eggs and milk are the best sources of fat. Cod liver oil can also be added to pet foods. It is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin A.
2. Healthy bones, teeth and muscle tone are all dependent upon vitamin D. One-quarter cup of plain yogurt with live cultures and cod liver oil is a great source for this nutrient. This can be given to your dog three times a week.
3. Carbohydrates aid digestion and elimination, furnish the fuel for growth and energy and help assure proper assimilation of fats. Chopped bits of fresh or cooked vegetables in small portions will have your pet jumping for joy.
4. Instead of commercially based treats that could contain dangerous preservatives, reward your dog with small delicious slices of apple or cheese.

Under optimal healthy conditions (love, exercise, shelter, water and homemade healthy food), the potential life span of your pet should be 27 years. That’s right, 27 years should be the average senior year of your pet. Yet, because of the toxins in commercial pet food in the US, the average life expectancy for your dog or cat has decreased to only 11 years. Food is the one need we are not providing properly for our little love ones.

Keep the glow of good health and extend the life of your dog or cat by providing them with a safe homemade diet. These easy tasty meals and treats will have your pet salivating with happiness. You cook for yourself and your family, therefore don’t ignore your loyal and loving friend.

For an updated list of the pet food recall brands and to uncover dozens of powerful secret pet food recipes that can help reverse disease and increase the life span of your dog by 134%, click this link now at


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