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While some pet food manufacturers use every scrap of meat from animal renderings, Wellness dog food limits ingredients to only quality sources for what the animals need for good nutrition. A balanced combination of protein, grains for fiber and fruits for antioxidant protection are included in all varieties of Wellness dog food to help the pet remain healthy and active.

Many of the less expensive pet foods utilize all of the parts of meat and eat byproducts in their foods, allowing the inclusion of products that may include added hormones and potentially diseased animals. Wellness dog food does not use animals in their dog food with questionable health, which could possibly contain allergens, animal fats, soy, wheat and other products that may be hazardous to canines.

By using only quality protein sources, Wellness dog food promotes strong muscles and the grains included promote healthy fiber and provides energy for the pet. Antioxidant protection for the dog’s blood health is included with fruits and vegetables and the inclusion of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids provide for the animal’s skin and coat. Many dogs can develop joint problems but Wellness dog food contains Glucosamine and chrondroitin to help healthy joints and taurine help prevent heart problems in pets.

No Room For Bad Foods In Wellness

With all the nutritional products packed into Wellness dog food there is no room for fats and processed foods. It contains no meat byproducts or rendered animal fat, white rice, dairy, egg or soy products that can have ill effects on many dogs. Wellness dog food products respect and promote the overall health of all canines and only products proven to be beneficial to the well being of the pet is included in the food products.

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Canine Nutrition - Organic Food For Your Beloved Dog
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Canine Nutrition - Organic Food For Your Beloved Dog

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