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Have you ever wondered why sometimes nature looks so mystic? That is because we do not watch it closely. While a part of the world's population is blasting with the cacophony of global business, a great section sits quietly, drinking the pleasant sap of nature's inspirational beauty. Butterfly watching (or simply butterflying) is a hobby that is gaining its popularity day by day. Just as there for bird watchers, there are clubs, associations and even festivals devoted to the activity of butterflying.

Although United Kingdom has the highest number of butterfly lovers per head of population than any other country the global community of the butterfly watchers is growing. NABA – the North American Butterfly Association is a membership-based not-for-organization, which is the largest association of North America, with largest group of butterfly lovers. Aiming at saving the endangered Schaus’ Swallowtail of Florida, the organization has also put special attention on increasing the life expectancy of the glorious monarchs - named after their beautiful wings that look like a monarch's crown. This butterfly association has an immense contribution in developing educational programs and campaigns about this splendid creatures not only for naturalists but also for park rangers and schools. NABA has made a noble effort to teach people how to find butterflies and identify them, although experience has always been the best teacher. Thousands from far and wide are seeking for the membership of North American Butterfly Association and learning to have butterfly gardens of their own. And amazingly, people are becoming more aware of butterflies since they've learned that some of them are in danger of disappearing from the face of the earth forever.

Butterfly Watching Points
Butterfly watching does not mean sitting quietly in a silent corner of your garden, sneaking up to a beautiful giant skipper or a clouded Sulphur on a flower. It is something more than that. It is one of the most inspirational journeys to embark on. If you are one of the crazy butterfly lovers you need to know primarily is that just any place is not the right point to watch butterflies. They are found in specific places and not just everywhere, as they feed on specific plants and requires specific environment to thrive well. Here is some of the places worth your visit. They're great places you can find butterflies to feast your eyes on.

Niagara Park - Ontario
Niagara Park in Ontario is one of the best spots for the butterfly lovers. With over 2000 distinctive verities of vibrant butterflies floating amidst the lush greenness this magical place attracts thousands of butterfly watchers form far and wide. People from all corners of the globe flock here to watch and study these fascinating creatures. One would really love to treasure the erratic memory of the glorious butterflies flying all around.

Wings of Paradise
Wings of Paradise in Cambridge, Ontario is another wondrous spot for the butterfly lovers. Wings of Paradise has come up to feature many different species of butterflies along with over 75 rare species of flowering plants and bushes. You can call (519) 653-1234 for more information.

Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center - Callaway Gardens
This is one of the largest glass enclosed butterfly conservatories located in Pine Mountain, Georgia. The Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center has been collecting, rearing and breeding the butterflies from the Central and South American and Asian origin. The butterfly watchers from all parts of the nation gather here to see the heavenly beauty of 1000 tropical butterflies of above 50 distinctive species fluttering all round freely.

Butterfly Kingdom
Here's another great news for Butterfly watchers. The largest upcoming project of butterfly conservation of North America is Butterfly Kingdom. This could be open within a short spell of time, in the former Sgt. Jasper State Park, which is located in South Carolina.

And guess what? Butterfly Day is also just around the corner! It's on June 19. If you are crazy about butterflies, you will surely enjoy celebrating all day with their glory and colors. You can visit any one of these places to spend the day amidst zillions of vibrant colors. You can even send butterfly ecards to friends and folks and spread butterfly awareness. Another most aesthetic way to celebrate butterfly day is to make a simple effort to teach your kids and friends about this wonderful creature and go out for a trip for butterflies watching!

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