Let's Look At A Boxer Dog Excretory System Health Problem


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The Boxer breed is native to Germany and originated over one hundred years ago. The white boxer makes up about twenty-five percent of the breed population, while the remaining seventy-five percent are brown to fawn in color. The muzzle is short and sort of square looking. The tail of the Boxer is docked at a young age of one to two weeks.

Boxer dog excretory health problem concerns many owners because it can cause the dog to have future problems walking and running. The juvenile renal disease and the congenital rental disease can make the dog very lame and in a great deal of pain. Proper prevention of breeding such dogs that are prone to this disease requires screening at an early age.

As a pet owner, you need to be aware of the treatments and diet when caring for a Boxer that has such a disease. The common renal dysplasia is congenital and may show signs as early one or two weeks after the birth of the puppy. If you have a puppy showing signs of this disease, x-rays will confirm any type of dysplasia. There are many speculations as to the cause of this disorder, all being linked to a gene. The autosomal dominate gene or the autosomal recessive gene contributes to the rental dysplasia in a Boxer.

Boxer Dog Excretory System Health Problem Treatments

You as a dog owner realize the need for proper care and medical treatment when necessary. Your Boxer is like one of the family and requires nurturing and proper diagnosis, when attempting to treat a medical condition. Many veterinarians prescribe a low protein diet, which helps lower the production of uremic toxins, in turn making the dog feel better.

Dr. Kenneth Bovee, DVM, did research on the Boxer and a protein diet and also goes on to discuss that a low phosphorous level is a way to reduce the risk of kidney failure, whereas a higher level speeds up the affects of kidney failure in your beloved Boxer. A well-balanced low protein diet with low levels of phosphorous will help extend the life of your Boxer.

Boxer Dog Excretory System Health Problem and a Prescribed Diet

If your Boxer has juvenile renal disease, a veterinarian will prescribe a diet of three to four feedings a day as a prevention measurement. This way of feeding your dog cuts down on the risk of vomiting after consuming the lower protein diet.

Most owners including you will find the egg and potato diet healthy for the dog because of the low protein and phosphorous levels provided. The diet will consist of the daily-recommended sodium levels as well as potassium. When making a meal for your Boxer, you will mix a large cooked egg, three cups of boiled potatoes with the skin, and recommended vitamins together for the perfect meal. The vitamins may include multiple mineral tablets, only half, two calcium tablets along with one teaspoon of chicken fat. This recommended meal fits the needs of a dog with renal failure.

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