How To Avoid A Bad Cat Breeder


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It is human nature to be greedy, and greed leads to dishonorable behavior such as being despicable and mean. Some professional breeders you see may not be professional at all, or even close. They only want to make some a lot of money by pulling a fast one on gullible or inexperienced pet buyers, and do not even know the most basic needs of animals.

Bad breeders are ignorant to the fact that they are incapable of being a proper breeder. They are not aware that they are not fully educated and informed about the proper lifestyle and etiquette of a professional breeder. Being in the pet business may bring lucrative profits, hence the temptation to take advantage of it to make a fortune. These unscrupulous breeders are easy to sniff out, and are also known as backyard breeders who usually run their operations through newspapers and Internet ads with the claims of selling good pedigree cats with unbelievably low price tags.

Most of these animals sold by the unprofessional breeders to uneducated people who just want a cheap pet as a companion will end up in a shelter or at other people’s homes. Viruses are common among cats or kittens that are sold at a low price, as being kept in poor surroundings exposes them to illnesses and viruses, especially if their owners are not very passionate and responsible about them. Don’t be too quick to condemn these pet owners, for some people just do not realize the effort of raising a healthy pet and need the issue brought to their attention. .

Here are some common signs that should help you recognize a bad cat breeder:

1. Good, passionate breeders are usually proud of their work. They would take pride of the pedigree they raised, and would want to show them off. If the breeder does not take part in showing the cats, it shows that he is not very concerned about the cats’ quality.

2. Ask the right questions. An experienced and professional cat breeder would know all the right answers to your questions, as well as providing thorough explanations instead of short, simple lines. Knowing the history of a pedigree cat’s bloodline is a basic must in breeders. Therefore, if a breeder is unable to provide you with proper history of a cat, other information he offered may not be hundred percent accurate.

3. If you are to buy a kitten or cat, you would want to pick it from its litter, or see the environment it lived in. However, if the breeder denies you access to see the litter or where it was brought up, then it is very suspicious. It could mean that the kittens are not living in a proper environment, and that the place where they are kept is dirty, badly maintained and unhygienic. Poor living environment means unhealthy cats, with the possibility of them carrying diseases or illnesses. Knowing this, do find yourself a different breeder. See below for more information on Siamese Cats .

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How to Manage Bad Cat Behavior
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