Puppy Training Classes At Home So Your Puppy Can Learn To Sit Without Stress


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I know you won't argue with me when I point out that this is one of the most important periods in a puppys life. Implementing home puppy training classes while maintaining strong respect and love for the master is crucial at this point in time. It is fairly easy to stress a puppy so we need to go about this the right way first time around.

Learning To Sit Without Stress

Firstly make sure you have your puppys attention. Have a favorite treat handy in your hand and let the pup sniff at it. Raise your hand with the treat up and back over the pup's head expressing the word “sit". As the puppys nose and head roll back - pursuing the treat - his posterior will go down . . .into a sitting position! Give him a pat and of course the treat. Your puppy will soon pick up on the word sit, the treat, and the instruction of sitting. Do this four perhaps five times a day. Your puppy training classes have ben a success.

Teaching Your Puppy To Lie Down Without Stress

You may choose to lie down in front of the pup while you do this one. Ensure that you have the puppy's attention with a favorite treat in your hand and let him smell it. A few seconds later you should lowere your hand to the floor while saying “lie down". As always the puppy is led by his nose, and will lie down to get the treat. Praise him and hand over the treat. Your puppy training classes are now getting even better.

We now almost have puppy of the year. who has now learned two obedience commands with no leash, no collar, no corrections, and without any stress. Your pup may even think you are even more special than you were before, but don't get a big head because at this stage it was all based on the treat - love grows though!

It's simply amazing how this style of puppy training classes will help you bond with your pup and create fun for both of you.

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