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Identification of a Staffordshire bull terrier isn't difficult. You do not need an expert eye for this. This dog is burly and powerfully built. You would surely notice its broad head, thick neck and deep chest. The potent jaws with great muscles and undersized droopy ears complete the body contours of a Staffordshire bull terrier.

A Staffordshire bull terrier might be black, brindle, white or a reddish tan. The original name of this particular breed of dogs was bull terrier. Later, it was changed to its present name. However, do not get confuse to a Staffordshire bull terrier with an American Pit Bull Terrier. Although they look similar any lover of either breed could not mistake one for the other.

When you bring home a dog, you want it as your lovable pet. A Staffordshire bull terrier (call him Staffy) is not only devoted to you; it also possesses a very friendly spirit and a love of children that has given the nickname of the “nanny dog".

A Staffordshire bull terrier is a fighter by nature and is aggressive too with other dogs. Therefore, it is to be borne in mind to keep away your ‘staffy’ from other same sex dogs. It becomes a mandatory rule for the ‘un-neutered’ male dogs. Therefore, always keep a strict vigil over cohabitation of your ‘Staffy’ and its companions. Two Staffies should never be left alone for long periods.

While breeding a Staffordshire bull terrier, the most important consideration you have to make is its temperament. Remember, that the objective of breeding is to improve the breed. Merely because a Staffordshire bull terrier is KC registered does not mean it should be bred. The temperament of a Staffordshire bull terrier is its greatest asset so breeding should be done keeping in mind the temperament of the parents.

There are also many health concerns that should be taken into consideration and dogs should be health tested before going ahead with breeding.

The breed standard of Staffordshire bull terrier

The Standard refers to the “blueprint” of Staffordshire bull terrier. This is actually the ideal representative of the breed. There are some particular features, which do not tally with the idea of a Staffordshire bull terrier. Like, white and liver colors are strictly non-acceptable ones for the “ideal” breed.

Keeping within the ideal standard there are some attributes that should be avoided when pairing dogs. Strictly, avoid a pink nose. The eye color is preferably black. Avoid a pink pair of eyes, unless they are enclosed with a white coat with short ears. Complete drop or full prick will be considered a defect. The “model” tallness (at shoulder) and related weight is 14 to 16 inches/28 to 38 pounds (bitches, 24 to 34 pounds). Go for tight and clean lips. A tail that is too stretched or badly curled is an imperfection and the legs should be parallel when viewed from behind.

Of course, these are attributes that are desired when showing Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and again to meet the idea standards of the breed. Any dog that is born with these traits are loving and adorable pets just like all the rest.

Remember, a Staffordshire bull terrier, is very intelligent, brave and a faithful dog. It could become an indispensable part of your family if trained well.

Donal Keenan is editor and publisher of Staffordshire Bull Terriers Website.
Visit his Staffordshire Bull Terrier forum for more info on the dog breed and to meet with other Staffy lovers.


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Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Children
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