The Route to Becoming A Professional Dog Groomer


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People very often enter the profession through learning how to trim their own breed. Cuddly dogs that look clean and fluffy are only achieved through effort and dedication. They do not just happen to be that way. Trimming a dog involves a lot more than using a pair of clippers just any old way and ever which way until all the hair is gone. Dog grooming is hard work that requires adequate professional training and a dedication to dogs. A genuine great love for dogs also helps.

If you are contemplating a career in grooming, attend at least one seminar that is advertised in weekly and monthly dog papers and magazines. At these seminars there are qualified, experienced dog groomers from top establishments to offer advice and give trimming demonstrations. You will be able to pick up new tips, ideas and professional hints on running a salon. You will want to be able to turn out the best-dressed dogs.

During the seminars you will also be able to receive special offers, some free samples and learn about the latest equipment at these seminars. There are a lot of specialized high-tech grooming tools designed to save time, money and make the life of the groomer less labor-intensive, less stressful and more cost-effective.

You will see lots of demonstrations of trimming and styling. Making an effort to attend these informative seminars is an important step on your route to becoming a professional dog groomer.

You might also join a local groomer’s association to give you invaluable networking opportunities.

Basic training for a dog groomer is very important. You should strive for professionalism and a strong caring attitude toward dogs. There are colleges that teach grooming. There are courses available at kennels and grooming establishments that are advertised in the dog papers weekly. Short courses offer only an introduction to grooming. It is possible to an idea from short courses, but certainly not a lot of experience. Experience can only be gained through an apprenticeship. Take a job with a grooming establishment of good reputation and spend at least a year gaining experience before setting up on your own salon. Start out as a bather and slowly work your way up to clipping. Do not rush. This can be disastrous to your success as a professional groomer.

Before you set up your own grooming shop, it is important to consider all the costs involved. First decide upon your location. You might want to start out from home, in a spare room. This will suffice for awhile, but can become impractical and does nothing for a professional impression. For long term you should consider finding business premises or building an extension to your home where facilities are more convenient and hygienic. All aspects of expense to run your salon must be taken into consideration. Keep a strict order of accounts from day one. It is also advisable to have a professional accountant.

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