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Dog owners, beware! There are reports that grape and raisin are poisonous for dogs when taken in large amounts.

There was a letter in the AVMA Journal from Dr. Gwaltney-Brant at ASPCA Animal Poison and Control Center that talked about grape and raisin poisoning in dogs. Two dogs died at once from toxicity, three were put to death because of poor response to treatment, while five dogs were able to survive

Grapes and raisins may come from various sources including being eaten directly off the vine. The dog then exhibits gastrointestinal problems such as vomiting and diarrhea. Signs of kidney failure with the onset of severe signs of kidney malfunction occur some twenty-four hours after the dog ingested raisins and/or grapes.

Veterinarians advocate aggressive treatment for dogs that have ingested excessive amount of grapes and raisins. These include inducing vomiting, stomach pumping, and feeding charcoal followed by intravenous fluid for at least two days or as indicated, based on the blood tests for kidney damage. The amount of grapes eaten can vary from nine ounces to two pounds, which works out to be between 0.41 and 1.1 oz/kg of body weight.

Grapes and raisins are examples of ingredients that should be avoided by dogs since they have been proven to cause renal failure. Another ingredient that should never be eaten by dogs is onions. A lot of dog owners feel that onion is a great flavor enhancer but ingesting onions even in small doses can make dogs susceptible to certain strands of anemia. Smaller dogs are especially prone to this condition after eating onions.

There are lots of dog treats that may be taken by dogs that will not be harmful to their health. It is important for dog lovers to realize that even seemingly harmless ingredients can be fatal to their dogs.

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