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Building your Food Storage in Face of the Fermi Paradox

Cade Lennox

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The Fermi paradox basically draws attention to the fact that, although there is an abundance of evidence that life-sustaining planets exist in the relative nearness of space, there have been no other signs of intelligent life yet discovered. Understanding the implications of the Fermi paradox could be one of the largest factors in your personal efforts to create your food storage system to help you and your family.

Despite any allegations given by the Fermi paradox, the reality of life on other planets besides our earth is a relatively simple matter to face. Either there is life on other planets or there is not.

If there is truly no life on other planets than there is little use in using anything greater than this earth’s history as a guide for practical living. Even if this were the case, humanity has seen such drastic times that a food storage system would be the most practical benefit that almost any family could prepare; past disasters, both natural and manmade have been drastic enough that, were they to be repeated or duplicated, a personal and family food storage would probably be one of the most beneficial options imaginable.

There is, however, the other possibility admitted by the Fermi Paradox that there is life on other planets that have similar structures and galactic histories as our nurturing earth. If there were, is, or has been life on other planets though, the Fermi paradox would need a simple question answered: why have we not seen evidence of their existence in the forms of space colonies and intergalactic travel.

If there were, is, or has been life on other planets, it should probably be assumed that these other civilizations are as interested in expanding their reaches beyond their single planet as humankind on this planet has been. If, then, there are so many civilizations who are trying to reach out into the cosmos with interests in colonization, harvesting natural resources of other planets and scientific knowledge, why have there been no verifiable instances of success?

Unless life on this earth represents the pinnacle of intelligent life, it would seem likely that other forms of intelligent life would have made their way out of their home solar system and be running intergalactic highways straight through the Milky Way like an interstate through an Indian reservation.

This is, of course, if there is no sort of barrier or filter that effectively traps these intelligent forms of life to the surface of their home planet and which has made galactic expansion impossible. What could be so effective in keeping these intelligent life forms from escaping?

One possible explanation, now to Fermi’s question is that these civilizations have all been destroyed by the creations of technological advances that grew in malice as their outward reaching efforts grew in grace. If this is true that some disaster, perhaps nuclear war, is waiting and will require not only food storage but a nuclear bomb shelter and luck to survive.

Cade Lennox is a safety and emergency preparedness expert. He has written hundreds of articles about food storage and other safety tips. He recommends Food Insurance . You can find also Cade on Google+ .


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Why Food Storage Should Be Part of Your Financial Plan
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