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Bazaar Weather Recently in Miami


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Over the past couple week’s very bazaar weather occurrences have been happening at different parts of the world in a small amount of time. The current weather occurrence that people are keeping an eye on at the moment is the huge hurricane Irene, which has been plowing through the Caribbean over the past day.

Earthquakes on the Eastern boarder of the United States of America, with all these rare events going on people are starting to come up with ideas to why these things are happening, some people say it’s our doing with global warming, others believe this is a natural thing, and others even believe it’s signs of the end of the world. But is it likely that global warming would cause major climate changes around the world?

Global warming will increase rain, river run-off which would cause melting of the Greenland ice sheet, and the melting of polar sea ice, which would all increase the amount of fresh water flowing into the critical deep water formation areas by Greenland. In the 2007 IPCC Fourth Report Summary for Policymakers it states that based on current model simulations it’s extremely like that the meridional overturning circulation of the Atlantic Ocean will slow down during the 21st century, it also confirms the scientific consensus that is unlikely the MOC will have a large transition during this century, science today is can’t be %100 sure about making about the MOC.

Freezing of UK and Europe is also possible due to global warming and will be determined by a tug-of-war of sorts, between the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the speed which the MOC slows down. The greenhouse gases have more of an effect than a slowing of the MOC, because they are is greater quantity today than ever in Earth’s history. But some people who aren’t in the science community believe these are signs of the end of the world, some sort of prophecy that will lead to the end.

People have come up with this idea through many different things, for one example people think these events are tied to the 2012 end of the world events that has been talked about very much over the past several years. The 2012 end of the world idea came from the ancient Mayan calendar which can predict astral movements such as eclipses and other solar alignments. The mystery behind this calendar is that it is extremely accurate for the weather in Miami , and it’s thousands of years old, but the real reason people have interest in this calendar is that it abruptly stops in December 21, 2012, which leads people to believe the end of the world will happen then, or at least something of great significance. But we will never truly know until that day comes.

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