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The Relation between Electric Resistance Welded Steel Pipe Technology and Diesel Engine Piston

Henary Lee

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When connecting rod cover is installed, the electric resistance welded steel pipe is put into connecting rod group. Connecting rod assembly into the cylinder. It should pay attention to connecting rod big pairing mark, at the same time use the torque wrench torque by 2 to 3 times to tighten the bolts, rolling crankshaft should be no jamming phenomenon, and finally fitted with locking wire or insurance film.
When assembling, pay attention to the following points: Piston connecting rod group is an important electric resistance welded steel pipe structure device of diesel engine.

It can also be carried out with the vice, a press-fit connecting rod copper sets. When the device connecting rod copper sleeve is best to use the press. Do not use a hammer fierce; copper sets of oil holes or oil on the hole with the rod to be aligned to ensure its lubrication.

After the copper sleeve presses in, its both ends protrudes the connecting rod end surface spacing to be equal.
It should be noted that its relative position and direction. The big end of the connecting rod should be the same side of the big end of the connecting rod. The big end of the straight pipe joint is the eddy groove at the top of the piston of the oblique incision. The second is the assembly piston and the connecting rod. When assembling piston and connecting rod.

It should be the same with the upper end of the oblique incision, the top of the piston tip of the convex side, it should be to the fuel pump side. It should be the first piston on the water or oil in the average heating to 90 ? ~ 100 ?, Third, installed piston pin. Piston pin and pin hole for the interference fit.

Device. After pulling out, put the rod in the piston pin hole between the appropriate location, and then coated with oil in the piston pin into the direction of the piston pin hole and copper sleeve. At the same time, to push the piston pin edge, while the flow of connecting rod, with the thumb or palm into the pin hole and small head copper sleeve, and can move in it, then the two with the appropriate tightness.

To make the piston pin end face and the two piston pin retaining ring equal spacing, install the retaining ring.
Pay attention to the position and order of the rings. Piston ring on the first ring, four, piston ring device.

When the piston ring device. Usually chrome-plated ring. Second, the third ring is mostly torsion ring, but also a cone ring. In the case of an internal incision, the incision shall be towards the lower side; in the case of a conical ring, the side engraved with the word “up" or the angle of the cone shall face upward. The piston rings in the slot must not have the phenomenon of the card, the first ring of air ring, can not be on the piston pin hole and the piston on the top of the vortex slot; adjacent ring opening position should be staggered 90 ~ 120 degrees, to prevent the cylinder gas leakage, in order to facilitate sealing. After the piston ring is loaded, check its opening clearance (end clearance) and side clearance. Gap is too large, easy to cause leakage, the gap is too small, will have the phenomenon of stuck; edge gap is the piston ring and groove in the gap on the height of the ring in the ring groove free flow, electric resistance welded steel pipe is short for erw steel pipe card Dead, this gap should not be too large, otherwise, when the piston moves up and down in the cylinder, the gas ring will produce pump oil, lubricating oil into the combustion chamber to speed up the consumption of lubricants and cause severe coke.

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