Straight Seam Steel Pipe Forming Processes and Uses

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The tube is open at both ends and means has a hollow cross-section, the larger the length of the periphery of the steel, with standard dimensions (eg outside diameter or side length) and a wall thickness of said can be used for pipes, thermal equipment, industrial machinery, petroleum geology exploration, container, chemical industry and special purposes.

On steel, the steel prices continue to rebound. As of last weekend, the mainstream ex-factory price steel frame plus one week before the rally, or the chain has expanded. Variety of long products rose higher than the flat products, long products high proportion of companies such as Jiuquan Steel, Shaoguan Steel has repeatedly raise prices “chase. “

Seamless steel pipe refers to the surface from a single piece of metal without seams of steel pipe, according to the production methods can be divided into hot-rolled pipes, cold-rolled, cold drawn tubes, squeeze tubes, according to the circular cross-sectional shape can be divided and profiled two kinds, according to the wall thickness can be divided into thick-walled pipes and thin-walled tube. The maximum diameter of 650 mm seamless pipe (enlarged diameter pipe), a minimum diameter of 0.3 mm (capillary), mainly used for geological prospecting of oil pipe, petrochemical cracking tubes, boiler tubes, pipes and automotive bearings, precision aviation structural steel and the like.

Straight seam steel pipe forming processes and uses

Welded steel pipe refers strip or plate bending round, square and other shapes formed after welding, surface seams of the pipe. Welding methods can be divided according to different arc welded pipe, low frequency or high-frequency electric resistance welded pipe(erw steel pipe), gas pipe, stove pipe, Bundy tubes, etc. , it can be divided according to the shape of the weld Longitudinal and spiral welded pipe. In terms of cost, iron powder prices rose slightly, the basic stability of coal prices, ocean freight rebounded significantly larger scrap prices rose. Data show that as of last week, the major domestic iron ore mines the average price of 1160 yuan / ton, compared with the previous week rose 25 yuan / ton, or 2.42%. Welded steel pipe used in oil drilling and machinery manufacturing, the furnace can be used as water pipe, gas tube, large diameter longitudinally welded pipes for high pressure oil and gas transportation, etc; spiral welded pipe used in oil and gas transportation, Piles, piers and the like. Seamless steel tubes welded steel pipe is lower than cost, high production efficiency. China's major cities in total length and sheet inventories last week 14.078 million tons, down 515,000 tons or 3.70 percent from the previous week; which long steel stocks 5,879,700 tons, 450,000 tons lower than the previous week, or 7.64%.

On the high-frequency straight seam welded steel pipe manufacturing

Straight pipe joints to periodic inspection and testing of the grounding system reliability. Straight seam welded steel pipe is the use of high-frequency alternating current skin effect and proximity effect, steel after roll forming to form a circular cross-section tube disconnected, in the induction coil surrounding the tube near the center rotation of one or a group resistor (magnet), the impedance of the opening to form a tube with the electromagnetic induction loop, under the skin and proximity effects of the action, the opening edge of the tube to produce a powerful and concentrated thermal effect, the welding welding seam edge is rapidly heated to the desired temperature by pressing the pressure roller, the molten metal to achieve the indirect co-crystal, forming a firm butt weld after cooling. Straight seam steel pipe factory guarantee maximum particle fluid contained in the pump does not exceed the maximum safety standards by particle diameter. Straight seam steel high-frequency welding process is done at high frequency welded pipe mill in. Pump inlet pressure should not exceed the maximum allowable working pressure. Straight seam steel grounding requirements comply with local legal requirements and special requirements of the site. Straight seam steel pipe factory straight seam steel pneumatic diaphragm pump reciprocating diaphragm deformation caused by the volume change of the volume of the pump, pneumatic diaphragm pump is powered by compressed air. High frequency welded pipe mill usually consists of flow-forming, high-frequency welding, extrusion, cooling, sizing, flying saw to cut other components, the front-end unit with accumulator Looper, the rear end of the unit with a steel frame flipping; electrical part of the main high-frequency generator, DC generator excitation and instrument control devices and other components. Straight seam steel pipe plant in accordance with the need to use a sufficiently large cross-sectional area of the wire, a static spark could cause an explosion resulting in personal injury and loss of property. When the transportation of flammable and toxic fluids. High frequency induction welding is a welding (or pressure contact welding), it does not require the weld filler, no welding spatter, narrow HAZ, weld forming beautiful, good mechanical properties, such as welding advantages, so by the steel production wide range of applications. Straight seam steel high-frequency welding unit through the elongated strip certain specifications and roll into a round tube.


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