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Uday Patel

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We are far removed from nature. Are we part of the ecosystem? Do we depend upon a specific habitat. This what separates us from those still a part of this magnificent biodiversity. Man and animal, this bizarre concept came into picture whence we radicalized ourselves with extreme belief in technology leave apart the ideological aspects.

Animals live in perfect harmony with nature. They have evolved without transgressing the limits imposed by the ecosystems they are confined to. Many specific niche habitat species contribute more to the environment than they consume.

Man on the other hand is dependent upon technology which enables artificial conditioning and control systems. It also widens the spectrum of rampant usage of natural resources for survival and for recreation as well. Hence we have massive amount of garbage/waste as resultant effect of uncontrolled consumption at a perilous cost of nature. We still survive along with massive strides in science, we are turning into super beings able to reach another planet by the time Earth expires or is doomed by nuclear arsenal.

Innovative and creative, we have evolved into intelligent beings immensely capable of surviving through difficult environment and catastrophes. We have created homes and a massive usage patterns for things that give us physical comfort and sustenance our way.

How garbage/waste results we all know. How these things reach their end cycle is what is causing major problems vis a vis the environment we are so much dependent upon. Throughout we have been very successful creating new things, food and luxuries much for our benefit. But we have not been efficient as far as disposal of leftovers in any form.

Products that originate from nature are less problematic than what emerges from our technological strides. Hence dependence lies with ever increasing emphasis on further advances in technology. In order to get rid of the unwanted recycling is the best option but very many substances or product cannot be recycled. The other option lies in converting garbage into bio fuel or alternative energy as much as possible. Known as plasma waste gasification, this process is still in infancy though few startups have come up. All depends upon the scale of economy that this technology encumbers.

Incineration or waste has been a permanent fixture of most of the urban agglomerations in the World. But most of the agencies are inept at the waste collection leaving concerned citizens to costly recourse of employing private disposal units. The carbon footprint generation in technology in use pollutes the environment. The answer lies in the method employed by Singapore the plant produce much less carbon emission and the ash left is transported to a landfill site. The emissions after incineration are passed through a system which neutralizes harmful chemicals and the metals are sorted out and then sold or recycled. The gases from land fill are used for energy conversion using micro turbine technology.

Garbage collection is much enhanced by sensor fitted bins which are able to signal overhauling trucks whence full. These are also divided for collecting waste that are specific enabling easy recycling and disposal.

In time to come we will be more efficiently disposing the leftovers. But whence will we be able to control the production of waste no one can predict.

Uday writes often on waste removal companies in NY in USA hence the article. He writes on technology that drives the World and our human lives. Uday writes on diverse topics.


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