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Quadrex scientific laboratory Gas Generators can provide you with a total solution as per your gas requirements. They supply Nitro generator, Hydrogen generator, Zero Air generators, LC/MS nitrogen generator to suit different applications. Here is a sneak peak to each of their uses and functionality.

These gas generator systems improve the laboratory safety and reduce as well as eliminate the cost as well as labor involved in changing cylinders. These gas generator systems have capability to product great stability and repeatability, allowing you to run your instruments 24 hours a day with confidence and safety. These generators come with as well as without air supply. High purity systems for GC applications are available where consistent output and purity are critical. High output systems are also available for LC or MS and other industrial applications.

Benefits of Quadrex Scientific Laboratory Gas Generators:

  • Standard automatic water loading pump within hydrogen generators
  • Second Generation Membrane technology is being used in NM systems
  • Dedicated systems available for LC and MS applications
  • Nitrogen Generators available up to 32 liters per minutes with internal air compressor
  • Round the clock gas supply- pressure, purity and constant flow
  • Tried, tested and approved
  • Plug and Play systems for ease of installations
  • Quiet operations and Phthalate free

High Purity Nitrogen Generators –Peak High Purity Nitrogen generates are highly efficient Carbon Molecular Sieve adsorbent that produce continuous supply of UHP nitrogen. Compressed air is being fed across molecular sieve bed, moisture, hydrocarbons and other gas traces that are trapped while the UHP nitrogen is freely flowing through the outlet port. Uninterrupted flow is being assured due to self regenerating maintenance free Carbon Molecular Sieve.

Hydrogen Generators The PH series of their Hydrogen generators is ideal alternative to the expensive and dangerous gas cylinders you have in your laboratory. The Hydrogen Gas generators have been designed to be completely safe during operations and also provide uninterrupted supply of Hydrogen of 200, 300 or 600cc per minute.

These Hydrogen generators can be used for Gas Chromatography FID flame sourcing, carrier gas, HALL detector reaction gas with a purity percentage of 99.9995%. Pressure dew point is -70°C/-100°F.

Zero-Air Generators The Zero Air series air generators produce high quality zero air and are capable of producing gases equivalent to the UHP zero air cylinders at a fraction of their total cost. The outlet hydrocarbon concentration is less than 0.1ppm.

Nitrogen Generators
The Nitrogen generator series uses a hollow fiver membrane technology to efficiently separate the nitrogen from mixture of other gases in air in order to produce a continuous and high flow supply of the high purity nitrogen. This Nitrogen can be used in LC/MS systems using ESi or APCi modes. These generators are easier to install, easy to use and come with built in filtration system. You can choose whether you had wanted a build in air compressor or not.

Quadrex Corp is an online store that supplied gas chromatographic equipments in wholesale and retails. We provide high quality equipments with increased accuracy and high discounts. We stock capillary columns , portable GCs, Peak Scientific Gas Generators like Hydrogen Generator, Nitrogen Generator & Zero-Air Generator.


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