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Birth chart by Best Indian Astrologer for Mahadasa of The Moon


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When the Moon is with bright rays, in bhava bala and in rasi bala, the native attains wealth and prosperity (like lagna, the Moon also has her say in attaining wealth), the native becomes prestigious in her dasa-bhukti. In Adhi yoga, Gaja kesri yoga and much other yoga, the wealth giving elements is beneficence. In the Moon dasa-bhukti there is gain from the rulers or government (mythologically the Moon being wife of the Sun indicates rulers or government) and from the women folk. In the Moon dasa the native acquires fame (fame is indicated by the Sun, tenth house and lagna, but the Moon is also lagna, therefore in its quite logical).

The native attains status equal to a king or minister. In the dasa-bhukti of the Moon, the native serves and honours Brahmins and religious people of godly status. The native becomes rich by perfumed oil trade and watery products or fruit and vegetable trade and the estables which grow on the land.

In the benefic Moon dasa, the native performs religious ceremonies and establishes morality and beneficence because she signifies mind and emotions). The native gets employment in water supply department, navy or carbonated water factory etc. the native remains engaged in the study of Satwik literature, is very polite and honouring. The native exhibits motherly behavior generally (as the mother is caring the child always). The native is blessed with female issues (the Moon being female). The native may be engaged in agricultural pursuits (the Moon being watery planets, when related with 4th lord and Saturn engages the native in agriculture and pursuits of social welfare).

When the Moon is neither strong nor with bright rays, she denotes sleep, sluggishness, wind and phlegm disorders, cruelity, diseases in the head, state of inertia, quarrel with relatives and disinclination for good deeds in her dasa-bhukti.

Bhuktis in the Moon Dasa

The Moon-The Moon with 9th and 10th lords in her exaltation, own sign, in trine or eleventh house denotes honour from the masses and government, marriage or association with females, birth of female issues, wealth, happiness and general prosperity. The native performs the marriage of girl.

If the Moon is weak, afflicted and in evil houses and associated with malefics causes losses, loss of job, mental worry and anxiety, trouble to mother, even death, emaciation, urinary troubles and dropsy etc. the Moon conjunct with maraka lords in maraka houses, causes disappointment, stiffness in body and chances of death by drowning.
Mars- Mars in angles, trines, in exaltation or own signs denote wealth by hard work, honour from government, success in undertakings, increase in land and houses, increase of prosperity and success.

Mars in 3rd, 6th or 11th house denotes expansion of estates, increase in status, honour in society and all round success. Mars in 6th, 8th or 12th house or in conjunction or aspect of malefic denotes quarrels, unsuccessful efforts, danger of theft and fire, litigations, destroys wealth and property, loss of blood in surgery or in an accident and blood disorders, inflammatory complaints, fever etc. Mars becomes a strong maraka when with maraka lords.

A strong Mars creates strong material desires and the native has a tendency to abuse and put forth his views forcefully.
Rahu-Rahu in angles or trines shows feeble results in the beginning, but the results are troubles from enemies, thieves, reptiles especially snakes, misunderstanding with friends, relatives and superiors, mental worry, anxiety, loss of reputation, pilgrimage and religious disposition. Rahu conjuct benefics or aspected by benefics, in 3, 6, 10 or 11 houses or with a yoga karaka denotes success in undertakings and prosperity, benefits from western races and direction. If Rahu is in 6th, 8th or 12th with malefics from lagna or Moon denotes certain phobias schizophrenia, loss of wealth due to rulers as penalties, troubles to wife and persistent illness, undiagnosable ailments and fear of bite from reptiles.
Jupiter-Jupiter in angles, trines, in eleventh house, own sign, in exaltation in exaltation indicates an increase in land and estates, comforts, prosperity, religious ceremonies, birth of a lucky son and favours from superiors and government. If Jupiter is weak, afflicted and in 6th, 8th or 12th house from the Moon or lagna denotes unsuccessful wandering, deportation, loss of service, business losses, penalties from government, loss of son and destruction of property, ailments due to obesity or indiscrimate eating. Jupiter in 3rd house bestows success in undertakings due to rightful thinking. In 2nd house or 7th house as maraka denotes death by vehicular accident.
Saturn-Saturn in trines, in own sign in exaltation and strong in 11th house indicates an increase in family circle, friends, prosperity and wealth through lands, estates and agriculture. A favorable period for starting new undertakings. If Saturn is in angles, the bhukti is trouble-shooting and the native is unsuccessful in undertakings. If Saturn is in 6th, 8th or 12th from lagna or the Moon denotes visit to holy places to mitigate the evil effects like dishonour, disgrace from masses and rulers, disease and surgrical interventions, addiction to some intoxicant, rheumatic and windy ailments and pains in knees and joints of bones. Saturn in 2nd or 7th may kill the native in its bhukti.
Mercury-Mercury in angles, trines, own sign, in exaltation, in 11th from the lagna or the Moon indicates good results like increase of knowledge, intellect, trade, wealth and favour from government, superiors and intellectuals. The native undertakes frequent short journeys or may start transport business. The native may acquire a university degree or gets through a competitive examination. Weak afflicted Mercury in 6th, 8th or 12th house causes loss of wealth, mental worry, vehicular accidents nervous disorders and disease due to tri-doshas ie bile, wind and phlegm, imprisonment, danger to wife and son and their hospitalization. Mercury gives maraka results in 2nd and 7th house from the lagna or Moon.
Ketu-Ketu in angles, trines, or in the 3rd or 11th from the lagna or Moon indicates of wealth, happiness and prosperity. Loss of wealth in the beginning of the bhukti and solace in the middle. The native involves himself in tedious tasks. Ketu conjunct or aspected by malefics or in bad houses from the Moon denotes displeasure, public disgrace and enemities. The native is his own enemy and remains depressed, not doing his duties orderly, hence disgrace of superiors. Ketu in maraka houses signifies danger from fire or fiery diseases ie acute complaints that come on suddenly and put a threat to the life.
Venus-Venus in own house, in exaltation, in angles, in trines or conjunct Moon signifies a happy bhukti. The native enjoys all round prosperity, delicious food, precious clothes, grace of rulers, enjoyment of all sort, cohabitation with beautiful women, interest in music, birth of female issue, collection of gems, builds beautiful houses to live in etc. Venus weak and in evil houses from the lagna or the Moon indicates scandals due to women, ill reputation, controversies loss of position, wealth, *** ailments, kidney or urinary troubles, prostatic mal functioning etc. If Venus is afflicted by evil planets, the native exhibits loose morals, cohabitation with bad women and hence *** ailments. Venus in 2nd or 7th denotes death due to sex scandals or urinary complaints like kidney failure etc.
The Sun-The Sun in own house, exaltation, angles, trines, 11th house denotes position, friendship in high society, royal favour, political gain, birth of a son, promotions in service or the native joins Govt service. In evil houses or with a malefic loss of bones, affliction of eyes, loss to the father and his death. The Sun tenanted in maraka houses or with such lords denotes danger of high fever and resulting maladies.
The above mention details are given by world famous astrologer Shivani Sharma ji for the Mahadasa of the Moon . She is having thousands of clients and devotees worldwide who take her consultancy.
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