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Ramadan Calendar 2011 Sehri And Iftar Timings


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Ramadan in 2011 starts on Monday, August 1 and continue for 30 days until Tuesday, August 30 (tentative). Dates will be confirmed when the new moon is actually seen.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Muslims consider this whole month as a blessed month. Fast during the day of this month and make special prayers at night. People who give more charity and do extra good deeds. Moreover, in this holy month, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) received the first revelation of Al-Qur'an (in one of the odd last ten nights of Ramzan). Ramazan / Ramadan is the month of celebration, and the month of discipline and self control.

One of the questions that people seek to answer are the times for Iftar and Sehri. Iftar when the fast is broken, and to mark the beginning of Sehri Imsak.
Ramzan is the holy month which gives it an occasion of prayer and shower the blessings of God, without discrimination. Ramzan is a month is not normal like other months according to the Hijri calendar. Now, this year Ramadan 2011 also comes with zeal and enthusiasm, the great amount of prayer (blessings) of God. Ramadan Calendar 2011 is here giving you information on exact hours of Sehri and Iftar. There are many types of foods, both times with many of the pleasures of sitting together and make a climate of Islamic sentiments.
Ramadan Calendar 2011 is also important to praise Allah Almighty mentioned in the times of prayers.

Below is a calendar showing the schedule of ramadan in Karachi for the months of August and September. Note that the Muslim fast of prayer and schedules time-varying geographic location and year, as the sun is lunar base.

Breaking the fast should take place as soon as possible after maghrib azan. Browse the site for prayer said before breaking the fast.
There are a number of special days, Will and Guy have discovered during the month of Ramadan, considered to be particularly special. Since Islam is a religion around the world not all Muslim countries follow the same celebrations or traditions, fasting is appropriate, but different countries have different practices.

Battle of Badr: This was a key battle in 625 CE and was on 17 Ramadan

Reconquest of Mecca: On 19 Ramadan the year 630 AD is believed that Muhammad was able to return and retake the city of Mecca for his opponents.

Deaths: A significant number of deaths occurred during the month of Ramadan, Muhammad's first wife, Khadija (10) and Ali two and eight Shiite Imam, Ali Reza (21).

Births: A large number of births also occurred during the month of Ramadan Hussein (6 º), who was later martyred and Ali (22).

Laylat ul-Qadr: This literally means “night of power" and is celebrated in one of the last ten days during the month of Ramadan, but always an odd day. Tradition holds that on this night, the prayers of a sincere and devoted Muslim is sure to be answered, since it is believed to be the night when the Quran was revealed to Muhammad. Many Muslims also believe that on this night, the tree of Paradise is stirred and the names of those who die in the next year can be found in the leaves.

Ramadan Calendar 2011

Eid ul-Fitr: On this day a great feast held in breaking the fast of Ramadan and occurs the first day of Shawwal, right after Ramadan. Also known as “Eid" in this day many of the dishes served at the banquet, as the meetings. In addition, homes are decorated and gifts are exchanged.

May Allah accept [good works] me and you.

Sehri And Iftar Timings In Pakistan


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