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End of Times Revelation

Whitney Segura

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The End of Time Revelation Prophecy

The last book of the Bible is known as Revelation. Throughout the book of Revelation, God tells us of what will happen in the future. Christians look to this area in the Bible to uncover what will occur at the end of time. The time right before Jesus returns.

Throughout the Gospel, Jesus gives us bits and pieces of what will happen prior to his coming back.

  • As time passed he provided us more and more details so we can actually become prepared. Sixty years passed between the book before Revelation and the actual book of Revelation. At this time, Jesus gives a detailed account to the Apostle John about what is coming.

The rise of the Antichrist.

  • At this point in time their will be no doubt about his identity. The apostle John makes it extremely clear that there will be others that come before the Antichrist who Christians may think are actually the real one, but isn't. The way will arise when one comes into view that embodies all things evil. Lead by the Devil himself, this is the Antichrist to be feared. Known as the “Beast" he will deceive the world and first appear as a Political leader.

He will make a pact with Israel and assume world leadership.

He will them move into a role as a Religious leader. He will gather credibility among people by performing miracles. We must not forget that the Lord can perform miracles, but so can the Devil. His purpose on this earth is to have us all worship the False Prophet.

Revelation refers to the coming of the Antichrist.

The term, antichrist, sounds a bit extreme, but the antichrist is extreme. It is a being that is driven by evil forces and wishs to destroy the word of God, but it has no chance of doing this. The Bible tells us how it all will end, and it ends with God reigning King on Earth for one thousand years, while Satan is locked away in the pits of hell.

We must stand true as Christians, and stay faithful to the only one true Prophet and God.

  • God will see our devotion and take us up to heaven to be with him. Not to stay on Earth and suffer through the realm of the Beast.

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