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Spiritual Meaning of Numbers - Numbers in the Bible


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References to numbers in the Bible begin almost immediately in the Book of Genesis in passages that tell the story of the seven days of Creation. Thus, numbers play an integral role in spiritual writing. The Spiritual meaning of numbers in reference to time, for example, may be literal or symbolism. For instance, God, a supernatural spirit, all-powerful, created the universe in seven days. Or, perhaps, seven days was merely a symbol to facilitate the weaker human's understanding of time. One day in Creation could have been a symbolic reference to one phase, one millennium or ten thousand years. It's impossible to know for certain how long Supernatural Design actually took place. In faith, we accept that which is beyond our human understanding as applied by God.

The Spiritual meaning of numbers play a very important role in helping the faithful to understand supernatural intent. Most religions of the world use chronological time to set standards for religious traditions, rituals and special feast days. But, religious peoples also accept numbers as spiritual signs. The 10 Commandments in the Old Testament stand out as a singular code of behavior for basic human behavior as well as human rights. Numbers in the New Testament play an extremely important role for many Christians who calculate the days of Advent and Lent, the numbers of hours of the Crucifixion and the number of days before Resurrection and Ascension occurred. Catholics, for example, pray a 5-decade rosary and pray before 14 Stations of the Cross.

The Bible, a Testament to the Inspired Word of God, includes numbered passages as well as numbered chapters. In the Old Testament, a closer review of Deuteronomy Verses 1-4, tells of the Israelites, punished by God, wandering 40 years in the desert for refusing to enter the Promised Land. With respectful deference to God's choice of 40 years, the faithful may wonder: “Why 40 years? Why not 5 years or 10 years?". Perhaps, the answer lies in the life span of humans of the day. 40 years was considered a full generation. A full generation, perhaps, to recompense lack of obedience to God. Only a supernatural spiritual being, all-knowing and all-powerful really knows the answer. The spiritual meaning of the number “40" becomes clearer.

The New Testament, the Book of Revelation in which is described the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, various visions of the Book's author, John, of Armageddon and Second Coming of the Messiah. It's a Book of 7 cycles of events wherein the number “7" appears often, as well as the frequently misinterpreted number “666". Religious scholars believe the number “666" actually was a numerical reference to Emperor Nero, whose name in Hebrew equals 666. Numbers in the Book of Revelation have been interpreted to calculate the precise year of Armageddon. The Writing of the Book of Revelation is believed to be the work of John the Apostle while on Patmos.

The spiritual meaning of numbers take on special significance when accepted literally and without misinterpretation.

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