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Common Mistakes Worship Leaders Make in Building a Worship Team and How to Avoid Them - Part 2


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Over the years I have learned many things about leadership and leading worship. In creating and working with different worship teams I have also made many mistakes. In this second article I would like to share with you a few things I have had the wonderful privilege to discover. My hope is that by sharing this information with you, you'll be able to avoid these little bumps along your own journey.

The key point we will look at today is that we should not let just anyone join the worship team. Now do we really want to keep someone from serving on the team? The answer is yes. Eager to build a vibrant worship ministry, many times we can get in a hurry about adding new members our worship team. We can become overly excited when someone tells us that a visitor is a great drummer, and you need one. Or that someone's cousin just absolutely shreds on the guitar, and needs to be in church.

Below are some of the key issues that would keep someone from being a good candidate for the worship team. They are areas we can often miss when we are in a hurry to build our team. I know this because I'm guilty of making these mistakes myself.

  • The call - This is an important question to ask a candidate. Are they feeling the call? Why is this important? If some does not have the call, they may be seeking to serve with the wrong motives. What are the wrong motives? The two biggest are seeking attention, and serving to find significance. The purpose of the worship team in the church is to make much of God, not to be seen or perform. When someone's desire to serve is being fueled by the need to be seen and heard, his or her motive is to be made much of. Not only is this self-seeking motive discouraged in the scripture's, but also it goes against the purpose of the team. Someone who is serving to seek significance in his or her life is also serving with the wrong motive. Our significance, our meaning, and our purpose in life, should be and can only be found in God and our relationship with Him. Not in what we do. The result of our relationship with God should be the motivating factor for our service to God and the church.
  • Life style - Another key area we often overlook is the life style of the individual being considered. Being on the worship team is a minor leadership position. Would we really what someone who claims to be a believer, boozing it up and playing in a bar band on Saturday night, and then coming in to lead the church in worship on Sunday morning? I think not. (Yes, I've had this experience) Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying that only people who have their lives totally together should be on the worship team. If that were the case then no one would pass the test. What I am saying is that we should be aware of whether they are striving to live, what they talk.

Being in the worship team is not a right it is a privilege, a gift given to us by God. It should be seen and respected as such.

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Jim Williams, Worship Leader, Worship songwriter


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