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Worship Leaders in a Bind For a New Worship Song - Write One in 6 Easy Steps


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Picture the scene. Your pastor has informed you that God is leading him to speak on a certain topic this weekend. He has requested that you to lead in a song on the topic just before he speaks so as to set the theme for the message.

You search your song list looking to chance upon a song that goes with his chosen topic only to discover that you are left wanting. Panic sets in. What do you do now? Do you hang your head and tell the pastor you can't find a song and move on? No I don't think that would be best. Do you search to net looking for a song to fit the theme? You could, there is nothing wrong with that. In fact that is usually what most worship leaders would do. And again there is nothing wrong in doing that.

But may I offer you a third option. You write a new song yourself to fit the need. What do you mean me write a worship song? I can't write a worship song. Sure you can. And you can do it with the simple formula / template that I'm about to show you.

Now remember your goal is not to make the top 10 in radio, or to land a recording contract with the song. Your goal is the lead the congregation in the worship of God, using the tool of music with words that are doctrinally sound. So with that in mind here is the formula.

Step 1. Write the main topic / theme on the top of the page.

Step 2. Write 4 to 6 sub-topics / points dealing with the main topic / theme.

Step 3. Write 3 points about each sub-topic / point.

Step 4. Write 3 - 5 short sentences for each point.

Step 5. Use the sentences to form the song verses.

Step 6. Join the verses with a simple chord progression.

Eureka! You've just written a simple worship song. Simplistic, yes! Will this way of songwriting get you on the song charts? Probably not! But then again that isn't the goal is it. Understand this is not an all-inclusive course on songwriting. It is just one of the simple tools you can use when you find yourself in a bind for a new song that's needed quickly.

You may find the process may be slow at first. But just like anything worthwhile, the more you do it the easier it will come. Have some fun give it a try. You just might be surprised at the outcome.

In closing I would like to offer one small bit of advice. Before you begin to write, pray. There is nothing like the leading of the Holy Spirit to guide your hand and thoughts while your write a song that will be used to glorify our wonderful God.

And now I would like to invite you to get a free copy of my mini-guide
“Preparing to Lead Worship" at

Jim Williams, Worship Leader, Worship songwriter


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