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Master and the Disciples


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One day a rather cunning man was sitting on the beach, and as he stared at the horizon idly pondering the flatness of the ocean, it occurred to him that men had become famous and influential for lesser discoveries than, say, the very shape of the entire world! All he had to do was convince people that he had indeed discovered that earth was flat.

So he opened a school to spread his dogma. How awed were the simpleminded fishermen to hear him exhort in trembling and impassioned voice his exciting tale of sitting on the beach staring at the horizon. . . how wonderful they thought him to be, sharing the terrifying truth that the earth was flat. Surely they could never again navigate the familiar seas without his guidance, lest they fall off the edge! In one voice they marveled, ‘You are the greatest teacher!'

Whenever their families and fellow fishermen scoffed at them for staying on land and fishing no more for fear of falling of the edge of the world, they covered their ears and said ‘La, la, la, la, la, I cannot hear you!'

With uncanny predictions of sunrises and sunsets, the Master continued to astound the fishermen, who left their families and friends and hung out on the beach day in and day out trying to convince people that the their earth was flat. Whenever the fishermen who somehow did not fall off the edge of the world returned at the end of the day, the disheveled disciples bummed fish to eat and issued dire warnings about the edge of the world.

The Master, who was becoming very full of it, reassured his followers that they would never fall of the edge of the world. ‘But if you do fall off, ’ he extolled them, ‘you are not to worry because in this way, you will show the truth of my words. ’ ‘Amen, amen?’ whimpered the confused disciples in agreement.

Although the simple fishermen could never tire of sitting on the beach and staring at the flat horizon which had so inspired Master Full-of-It, the Master was unsatisfied that his discovery was going unnoticed. So his followers were sent to spread their message about the edge of the world to those who continued to venture out to sea. They harangued the fishermen, the pleasure-cruisers, and perhaps worst of all, the pirates.

Master Full-of-It noticed the ire of the pirates and surmised in his particularly cunning fashion that this would be his grand coup, infamy surely.

In mournful tones at a secret cabana he explained to his followers that it was time for he himself to step off the edge of the world since no one else would do it. He fed the men, who were nearly starved after being without fish for so long. ‘After a little while, you will see me no longer, ’ he said.

Master-Full-of-It had often escaped the wrath of the pirates, who in spite of their scoffing at the master, had often taken pity on the followers and thrown them a few fish. When he told one of them to go and bring the pirates for they were to provide a vessel for him to go over the edge, his followers hurried to obey.

In this way, Master-Full 0f-It sailed off the edge of the world. His followers slowly starved as they failed to convince the fishermen not to sail. . .

If you wonder how old I am, remember it changes every year. . . My children are grown, to give you perspective. I grew up on the North Atlantic and I love the ocean.

Religious philosophy is a primary activity of mine, and the disapproval of nearly everyone I come into contact with is a tool into insight that I will not trade for anything.

Some of my peers are unhappy christian women. The lack of goddesses in the christian framework is my political weapon in the battle for the recognition of the truth.

Writing is fun for me.

My favorite site is hope you like it too.


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