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The UN and Bible Prophecy

William Bell, Jr.

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What does the UN have to do with Bible Prophecy? Not much, according to the Bible. Of course, I am aware that not many of the modern day would be prophets will agree. However this is not about popularity.

The book of Revelation is the seedbed for all types of fanaticism related to end times prophecies. The war in Iraq has set the stage for renewed interest in Babylon. Given that scenario, a HD TV set, a few national calamities and what is styled as the economic Armageddon, the stage is set for a speculative spin on every chapter of Revelation.

It is not the case that we understand every detail of the book. However, God knew that the message would challenge those of us who lived in times beyond those described within the book.

Thus, he gave the most clear interpretive clues that guide us and should prevent us from making the colossal mistakes repeated over and over by those who watch too much TV and read too many newspapers for clues about the end time.

An example of the misalignment of Bible Prophecy and the modern world is expressed in the recent article in, “The UN and Bible Prophecy, by Holly Pivec, (9/23/08). "

Correctly avoiding the error of assigning Babylon the Great in Revelation to the Roman Catholic church or America, the author opts for the position of ancient Babylon.

The logic advanced is that “Babylon" originated from the tower of Babel, the first attempt of man to build a world government apart from God. From this truth, a giant leap in logic lands the writer at the doorsteps of the UN, citing a call to a global government.

This is the basic road where all future prophecy leads, i. e. to predicting, analyzing and attempting to shape government policy. It's dangerous. Fanatical groups are rising everywhere (and not just among professing Christians) who sincerely believe they are by divine decree, fulfilling last days prophecy.

Since many of them believe that the governments and their leaders are the main actors of the prophetic drama, they easily see in those activities of world governments confirmations of their beliefs about prophecy and the end times.

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William Bell speaks regularly on Fulfilled Prophecy and is the author of The Re-Examination, a study of Christ's first century return in glory. Find more articles on the end time at and


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