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Catholic Religion - The Myths About the Catholic Religion

Benjamin Robert Ehinger

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I am a Catholic and very proud to be. I hope that was not enough to make you stop reading this article. Usually it only takes the fact that I am Catholic for those that are not Catholic to stop talking to me about religion. This is because we are all human and I have to admit that I do not have the deepest understanding of many different religions, but I would like to clear up a few of the myths about the Catholic religion.

First, Catholics do not worship statues. This is a myth and one of the most popular ones. Many protestants want you use this myth to say that Catholics worship idols, but this is just not true. Why do we have statues in the Catholic church? Simple, back when there was not the great printing press and bibles were more expensive than most men's wages for 3 years, the Catholics used statues to teach their children about the bible.

If you think about it for a minute and you picture the statues in the Catholic churches you will realize that they all have to do with one of the passages from the bible. This made it much easier to teach children about the bible. It is visual and a parent can tell the story that the statues or stained glass windows represent to their children.

Second, Catholics worship Mary and the Saints. This is so false that it almost makes me laugh. Anybody that says that Catholics worship Mary or Saints needs to study more about the Catholic religion before you start telling us what we believe. Sure we pray to the saints and to Mary, but why would we not. It only makes sense to ask those that are up in heaven to pray for you. We ask our family members to pray for us and our friends to pray for us, so why not the saints and Mary.

On another note about Mary. The forth commandment is to honor thy father and thy mother. So if we are all the brothers and the sisters of Jesus Christ, then Mary is our mother and we are supposed to honor her as well, right?

Last, the Catholic church thinks they are better than all other faiths and is above them. This is an attitude that comes from HUMAN BEINGS, not the Catholic church. The one thing I run into more than any other thing is that the Catholic church did something, like molest little boys. You have to understand that even Priests are HUMAN BEINGS, they sin. We are all humans and this means that the Catholic church is also not hypocritical because that is the HUMAN BEINGS in the church not the Catholic religion.

Do you really want to understand the Catholic Religion ? There is more to it than you probably know, go here to discover more:

Catholic Religion


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