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Is Satan Real?

Julia Shipley

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The Lord Jesus was tempted by Satan. Before we can really understand how the Lord Jesus was tempted, we must know something about the one who tempted Him. Long before the worlds were made, there was a beautiful angel in Heaven called Lucifer, Ezekiel 28: 12-18. But his heart became filled with pride, and he wanted to be higher than God and have all the angels worship him, Isaiah 14: 12-14.

When Lucifer rebelled against God, he could no longer stay in Heaven, where everything is holy and pure and good. Sin always separates from God, and so Lucifer was cast out of Heaven, Luke 10:18. His name was changed to Satan or the devil. Ever since then, he has been God's enemy. He has worked to get people to follow him instead of God. He tempted Adam and Eve in the beautiful garden to disobey God. Instead of trusting God and obeying Him, they listened to Satan, and sin came into their hearts and into the world. They too were separated from God and had to leave the beautiful garden.

Since then everyone is born into the world with a sinful heart. This means that there is something in all our hearts that makes it easy for us to go Satan's way. Satan's work in the world today is to keep people from loving and following the Lord Jesus. He is a real person, just as God is a real person. He does not have a body as we do. He has some power, but God has all power. Satan tried in many ways to destroy the Lord Jesus so He could not grow up and give His life as a ransom for many. He is called the tempter, Matthew 4:3. He works to tempt Christians to sin and to keep unbelievers from coming to Jesus to be saved.

Julia Shipley is a committed Christian worshipping and serving in her local church. With a passion for seeing the lives of young people change as the come to know theh Lord Jesus for themselves. For more information visit


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