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Waiting on God for His Will to be Accomplished in Your Life

Matthew Robert Payne

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Life for some of us can be going really fast whilst for others it can be going painfully slow. This article is about waiting on God for his will to be done in your life. You have plans. So does He! You might just meet in time.

I am not sure about you, but I am a guy that likes to run ahead of God. I like to get an idea and run with it with or without God. It's easy to do, to run in the flesh, it takes patience to commit everything to the Lord.

I was walking down the street with James my friend today and he had a vision of me on a lake in a boat sitting on a chair as it sailed down the stream. He said that it was a message from God to me. That I need to learn to stay seated in my chair and let the stream take me. I am not to get up and try and swim ahead of the boat, but to stay in the chair and wait on God to take me where I am going.

I am glad for that vision as it is a clear picture to me. He told me that all of my future that has been prophesied over my life is true but it is just further down the stream around the bend where I can't see.

It's so easy to try and do things in the flesh. Yet the flesh profits little. What little gain we make in the flesh is not worth it.

Have you got an idea of what God's will is for your life?


Just keep going on toward that goal.

Keep praying, keep fellowshipping, keep tithing, keep sitting under good teaching and prepare yourself any way God leads you to.

The Lord loves you and he has a purpose for all of us, including you.

There is a woman reading this:

You have three children and your former partner is not with you anymore. You struggle to make ends meet, but when you pray you pour your prayers out with much tears and supplication. When people need prayer, you might not notice, but they come to you and ask you to pray as you are known for that praying ability. Your life is hard and bills are always piling up to be paid, but your faith in God's promises is strong. You know God to be a good supplier of your needs. You write in a journal, something you have done from your youth. You have known the Lord many years and he has been faithful in the dark times and the storms. The Lord Jesus wants you to write a book on your faith, the Lords promises and his faithfulness for people like you. If you think I am speaking about you feel free to write to me, I would love to encourage you on your journey.

There is a man reading this:

You have been married once and that ended in divorce. You have a passion for the guitar and have written a few songs. You have contemplated when you have been singing praise to the Lord of staying single and serving the Lord full time. You know the Lord of the darkest moments. You suffer with depression and you take medication for it. When you are depressed it's hard for you to write songs that glorify God, but from to time inspiration comes through the clouds of depression and you write a very good song. The Lord wants you to continue to persevere. It says in James that trials teach us perseverance and that does not disappoint. You have a gift of writing prophetic songs from the Lords perspective. The Lord wants to give you more of those songs. He also wants you to walk in the prophetic and speak prophecies over people's lives and at church if your church is open to it. The Lord wants you to start to journal if you don't already as many of your songs are going to be birthed in that journal.

You see people the Lord knows the people that are going to read this before I have finished typing it and has put a couple of prophetic words in the article for people who will read this. He knows all about you and he knows what He wants you to do. For both the people He had clear directions for them to take. Just like there is a clear thing he wants you to do with your life.

Have some patience and jump on the boat with me as we sail down the river together towards Gods will.

Come and request a free personal prophecy today at You can also ask us to pray over you for you to receive the gift of prophecy and let us let you practice your new gift on us. You can also read articles and view video teachings from the links on the top of the page.

Matthew fully endorses the teachings of David Servant and if you haven't already read what David has written on ezine articles Matthew suggests that you follow this link to his website and read what this prolific writer and teacher of the Word has got to say. You can find him at


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