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Spiritual Growth and Spiritual Transformation Renews Your Mind

Lessie Harvey

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What does spiritual growth and spiritual transformation have to do with a renewed mind? Everything, especially if our desire is to become more like Christ.

Before beginning a relationship with Jesus Christ, we have a natural mind. A natural mind is simply the mind we are born with. There's nothing wrong with a natural mind. It helps us to relate to our world through what we see, feel, taste, touch, and smell. But one of the limitations of a natural mind is that it cannot accept or understand the supernatural things of God.

A supernatural mind is our natural mind empowered by God's Holy Spirit. He teaches us and helps us understand the things of God. The major difference between the natural mind and the supernatural mind is that we are not born with God's Holy Spirit. Only when we accept Jesus Christ by faith into our hearts are we given the Holy Spirit. At that instance, we are born again supernaturally. God's Holy Spirit leads and guides us in our relationship with God as we obey God's Word.

As a college grad, I did not know the difference between the natural and the supernatural, nor was I concerned about it. Normally, I could read and understand what I read. But no matter how hard I tried, I could not understand the Bible when I read it. As a result, I focused on hearing what others said about the Bible rather than reading it myself. This eliminated my frustration and allowed me to do other things that I liked.

There was only one problem with those other things that I liked. They did nothing for my spiritual growth. Only after I began my relationship with God through Jesus Christ did I begin to grow spiritually and understand the Bible. For me, understanding the Bible allowed me to become open to receiving, accepting, and obeying God's Word.

When I read Ephesians 4:23 - “to be made new in the attitude of your minds" - I understood it. My inner battle of justifying my actions that were against God's Word disappeared. I was free to embrace the truths of Scripture. The renewing process started when I believed in Jesus and continues to this day. As I grow spiritually and obey what I learn, I know my mind is being renewed daily.

The evidence of a renewed mind is no longer thinking or acting as I did before I began my relationship with Jesus Christ. Mentally, I am free from some old habits that enslaved me. As I continue to grow spiritually, I look forward to being released from other habits.

Are you being freed from some habits, addictions, or desires that hold you in mental bondage? If you have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, your mind will be renewed as you grow spiritually. When you choose to obey God's Word, Scripture becomes alive in your heart and spirit and transformation begins.

A renewed mind is evidence of spiritual growth and spiritual transformation. Those who knew you previously will definitely notice the difference in you. Great! Continue growing spiritually and becoming more Christ-like in all you do and say.

Becoming God's Vessel of Honor gives more insight on spiritual growth and spiritual transformation.

If you would like the free e-book, Becoming God's Vessel of Honor, go to and leave your first name and email address. Please feel free to share your comments about this article.


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