Now You Can Touch People's Lives Through Personal Prophecy

Matthew Robert Payne

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God The Father says in prophecy:

The gift of prophecy has not passed away my children. I long to speak to people. In days where the oceans are not silent, earthquakes rip through cities and wars are all around the world, the people on earth more an more need a living touch from a real God.

Imagine if you could be like a mail man or woman delivering personal messages from me to the world? Imagine if I could point a person out to you and drop into your spirit a personal message for them.

It could be about a job they are thinking of applying for, a job that I want them to get. It might be news that their baby is healthy and will be born healthy when doctors are telling the couple the baby won’t be born healthy. It might be that I am proud of how their honesty cost them a friendship the week before but had done the person real good that heard the truth.

Imagine having a comforting word for a stranger every time you hopped on a bus or a train or when you went shopping? Imagine sharing my love and messages with the world and letting my insight and knowledge touch the lives of mortals and draw them to myself.

Matthew has been doing this for years and he loves it. In the past year it hasn’t been as active as he has been ill and not going out as much but from time time to time when I want him to speak, he speaks for me.

Imagine going to church on Sunday with an encouraging word for the church body that you fellowship with? Wouldn’t you want me to use you to build up the church and bring them a fresh word from my throneroom?

I long to communicate with earth and its people. The world really wants to hear from Me. All sorts of people are looking into angels and spirit guides and all sorts of stuff to get in contact with Me.

The world needs to hear from Me. Won’t you let Me use your lips? Won’t you let me raise you up in prophecy and let you prophesy?

If you have the faith to receive my gift of prophecy simply pray this prayer by faith.


I desire to be used by you and I know that if I could prophesy I could do amazing things for your kingdom. It is no accident that I viewed this article and Father by faith I receive the gift of prophecy. Speak to me Father from this day on and give me messages for people that I know and for strangers that you point out to me. Give me the courage to exercise this gift I ask in Jesus name. Amen

If you want to practice your gift simply write to Matthew at mailto:survivors. and write a couple of paragraphs for prophecy to him.

Simply start Matthew, I feel the Lord wants to say this to you…

By the time you have typed the word you, the next sentence will be coming into your mind. As you finish each sentence the next sentence will come to mind, simply keep typing until the message ends. Over the Internet Matthew has passed on his gift and has been blessed by numerous prophecies he has received from the novices he has helped raise up. Take the chance my children and test your new gift by writing Matthew a prophecy, he has the time to read them and give detailed feedback.

Love and peace

The Father

Matthew fellowships in a Salvation Army church and has preached on a number of occasions. He is being trained up by the Lord to be a gifted teacher and writes new articles each week here on this site. He is Pentecostal in his giftings and yet comes from a traditional Baptist background and is open to addressing any church in Australia that would like him to preach or share with their congregation.

Matthew is the author of a new book called The Musings of a Mad Prophet which is a collection of articles on mental illness, divorce and many helpful Christian subjects. He shares his life, his breakdowns, his marriage collapse and many helpful insights in a large format 264 page book. He will encourage you, inspire you and the Holy Spirit might convict you in his writings and would be happy to hear from you via email. His book is available from here .

Read what one reviewer has said in articles reviewed for “The Musings of Mad Prophet"and you can email him at


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