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I coined a new word. I coined it because it is necessary to put a difference between the people who hold to the fundamental tenets of any faith and those who hold to corrupted tenets of any faith. The latter have given both religion and fundamentalism a bad name. We might not find anything funny about the corrupted and their corruption but it would be a great blessing if we could. It is not that funnymentalism is without its own twisted logic. Surely if it is our duty to care for widows and orphans, we should be busy creating more of them and we love this part of the job. If we can’t convince others to serve God as we do, we can kill them off until only us true believers remain. Let us not be so restrictive as to apply the rules of infidels and scofflaws to those within the body of believers, but to everyone on the planet. The Christians who brought the gospel to the new world as their mission, were slaughtering natives who rejected the gospel and the people who brought it. This, within a few generations.

Therein lies a lesson. The best intentions may not necessarily be passed on to successive generations. Not unlike what happens to governments every election. The new government promptly reverses most of the progress of the previous. This we know from experience. This is why we make so little social progress in the course of an entire century. The concerns of my parents are not my concerns. The concerns of my children are not my concerns. The same goes for those nebulous family and social values we hear so much about. Nothing remains constant, not even the ignorance which unites us all.

No people on earth show more contempt for God than the funnymentalists but they have been raised on a diet of denial that will never allow them to admit to the reality or make any change in their thinking. It is their commitment to mental stasis as keepers of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help them God, that makes them the most disgusting and obnoxious creatures on the face of the earth. If God helped them they would change. Instead they love no one, including the God above all gods they pretend to serve. The only purpose they can conceive for their lives is quick and easy sacrifice. Growing old helping others is disgraceful – a wasted life.

You cannot say to them “come, let us reason together" because they know reason has nothing to do with anything. Belief is their currency. All that can possibly matter to me is what someone told me to believe. Reason has appeared too late in the radicalizing process. The lack of reason is their proof of faith. By talking the talk, the more ambitious funnymentalists appeal to the funnymentalism in enough of us to rise to positions of power and influence. Though they be the puppets of corporate power, they are in a position to kill thousands and hundred of thousands of infidels, so they do. They do it with such appearance of civility, few notice its being done at all. They will kill no small numbers of their own to do it. In the West, it is all called collateral damage, which means they apologize for yesterday’s murders as they commit today’s. It appears the rest of us only have two choices. Support them or withhold support. Praise them or curse them.

Many of us choose to ignore them as we support them. This is the rough equivalent of cloning Adolph Hitlers and Idi Amins. We then pretend as long as they don’t operate in our neighborhood, everything will be all right. This is that insularity we hear about. If we are not totally isolated by our entertainments, we are at least insulated, comfortable. It is no easy thing to argue against this approach. It’s cheap and readily at hand.

The truly righteous among us see no resolution to the funnymentalist problem, save the fulfillment of prophecy, whether its origins are scriptural, from Nostradamus or modern psychics. I tend to see it this way myself. How about you?

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