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Why A Sheepskin And Leather Bomber Jacket Will Be Your Favorite

Georgie Henderson

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Leather bomber jackets, those cool coats we see in famous World War II photographs, have been making a big comeback recently, and you're seeing a lot of men's and women's leather bomber jackets on the streets, in magazines and on the runway. Here are just a few reasons why sheepskin bomber jackets might become your favorite.

They're Durable

A sheepskin B-3 bomber jacket is surprisingly durable. If you've ever owned a leather jacket before, then you know that some of them can rip a little more easily than you'd expect. Not all manufacturers of leather jackets use high grade hide and they often put out jackets that can tear as easily as a ratty old t-shirt. The hide they use to make sheepskin bomber jackets, though, is thick, durable and tough enough to take a beating.

They're Incredibly Cool

Sheepskin Bomber JacketThe bottom line on the B-3 bomber jacket is that it's one of the coolest looking jackets in the world. The thick leather and the collar make you look like a hero from a 1930's pulp adventure serial. It is, simply put, one of the coolest looking jackets ever designed. Sometimes, this kind of thing comes down to opinion, but it's essentially an objective fact that few jackets look as cool as leather bomber jackets.

They're Incredibly Warm

In addition to being cool, women's and men's leather bomber jackets are also really warm. Couple a leather bomber with a nice pair of gloves and a hat and you pretty much have all of your winter clothes shopping taken care of. These jackets were meant to keep pilots and crew comfortable back before airplanes were really all that comfortable to fly in. During World War II, you pretty much only had your jacket to keep you warm as you shot through the skies. With a bomber jacket, a pilot could survive in absolutely hostile environments until rescue came, staying warm even in the coldest climates and at the highest, most frigid altitudes.

They're The Most Comfortable Jackets You'll Ever Own

Men's leather bomber jackets and women's leather bomber jackets are, simply put, probably the most comfortable jackets you'll ever get a chance to own. The thick padding makes it feel like you're wearing the bathrobe of your dreams, the liner provides perfect insulation and the outer shell will make you feel like you could jump out of a moving car and get up without a scratch on you (we wouldn't recommend it, of course, but in theory).

Women's Sheepskin Bomber JacketWhen you're shopping for a jacket of this quality, you may look at the price and get turned off of the idea of buying one. What you need to consider, though, is that you're not just buying a jacket that's going to last you a few months or even a few years. A good, solid bomber jacket can last you a lifetime; just talk to some Air Force veterans who flew in Korea, Vietnam or World War II. Chances are, they've still got all of their old gear, including the bomber jacket.

The men's jackets have that classic, cool look to them, while the women's jackets add a bit of sexiness by virtue of being a little more form-fitting for the female figure. In any event, if you give a bomber jacket a try, you might never need to buy another jacket again. They're cool, durable, warm, comfortable, and they last for as long as you're willing to keep them around.


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